Basement Office Renovation by Reno Duck

One of the best ways of reclaiming a basement space is transforming it into a working area. You can turn it into a home office, or even the basis of your business. All you need to bring this vision to life is to work with an experienced team of basement renovation contractors. At Reno Duck, we take great pride in being the one-stop-shop for all basement renovation needs.

Basement Office

Basement Office Renovation by Reno Duck

Basement Apartment Renovation

Reno Duck comes highly recommended in basement renovation and basement finishing. We are a team of experts with a reputation for transforming dusty and dingy basements into modern and comfortable living spaces that the entire family will fall in love with. Thanks to our years of experience, we know that every basement has a lot of potential. It is our job to help you bring these endless options to life.

Our team provides a variety of options for basement renovations which enables you to create a space that is unique to both your needs and style. We will create for you a basement workspace that is:

Functional: Are you worried the space is too small or are you tired of forcing furniture into an already cramped space? Our team will help expand or reestablish the layout so that you get a space that is both livable and functional. Whether you envision a fully-finished basement workspace or a play area we will help you build it.

Fun: We work hard to create for you an amazing basement space that you will be happy to show to your guests. Our team has an eye for entertainment and we are always happy to discuss all the available recreational options. We have done everything from incorporating basement workspaces and wet bars to creating theatre rooms and game rooms. There is no idea that is too absurd for us.

Efficient: When it comes to basement workspaces, we create for you a unique space where you can be comfortable getting work done. We can help incorporate an organized office area, a fully-functional gym, or anything you want. Our job is to create for you a unique space where you feel comfortable.

Why Choose Reno Duck for Your Basement Renovation Project?

  • We guarantee to get the project done within the set time. If we miss a date, we will pay you.
  • We only work with a team of experienced, knowledgeable and trained tradesmen.
  • Our team never starts working on a project until everyone is clear on what will be achieved. We offer full design consultation and drawings to help you understand how the final product will look. We don’t charge for this essential service.
  • We offer the most competitive prices in the business. Contact us now to request your free quote.
  • You don’t have to pay us anything until the work is done and you are fully satisfied with the final product.
  • At Reno Duck, we are fully committed to offering the highest quality basement renovation and finishing services across the Greater Toronto Area.

The Benefits of a Basement Office/Workspace

It may seem like a lot of work but a basement office/workspace offers an array of benefits for you, the homeowner.
The Benefits of a Basement Office/Workspace

  • Take advantage of the unused space

If you don’t use the basement, you can turn it into an office or workspace. Transforming this space into a workspace will benefit you in the long run by making it easy for you to get work done. You can also claim the space in tax deductions.

  • Boost your home’s value

Homes with a finished basement are easier and more valuable to sell than those with an untidy basement. While the buyer may not have a need for a basement workspace, they will be attracted to the finished basement.

  • Peace and quiet

Unlike working from the living space, the basement is a secluded room. This means you get to deal with fewer disruptions while in your basement office.

Home Daycare Renovation

If it has always been your dream to build a daycare facility, your unused basement will provide the best space. However, to complete this project, you have to plan ahead and in detail. You need to hire an experienced contractor to help with designing and building a safe and educational environment for the kids. You also have to think about an area for day nap time, an area for snack/lunchtime, a play area, and where kids can spend time reading books or playing with toys.

Still, on transforming your basement into daycare, you have to think about a children’s bathroom. The bathroom has to be the right height with lowered vanity countertop heights and a toilet with a seat that takes the child from potty training to adulthood. You also need lots of stow-away space as well as an easy-access tub. The surfaces should also be non-slip and easy to clean.

Hiring the right contractor who has experience building home daycares is the best decision you can make. The last thing you want is to work with a contractor that uses hardware that cannot be handled by children. At Reno Duck we have built many daycares and we will create for you a daycare that is not only kid-friendly but one that you, the kids, and other parents will fall in love with. Give us a call now to find out more.

Home Based Beauty Salons

Are you thinking of turning your basement into a beauty salon? Give us a call. Our team has worked with makeup artists, hairstylists, massage therapists, nail technicians, and other professionals to create for them an amazing beauty salon. We are happy to help with everything from the design to incorporation. Contact us now for a free quote.

Basement Office

Whether you want to open a new business or need a new space to operate your company, a basement office can offer the convenience you need to get things done. A basement office will not only extend your living space and boost the value of your home but also increase freedom, flexibility as well as give you a professional setting that makes you more productive. Our team will help plan the layout, leave room for expansion, plan the entrance, organize storage, install lighting, and help with the furniture among other things. Contact us now to find out more.

Contact a Basement Renovation Expert

Homeowners planning to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes or transform their basements into stunning living spaces, no longer need to worry about getting the right contractor. You can count on us. Our experts can handle all forms of repair and maintenance projects, basement underpinning, installation of a concrete stairway, waterproofing, and more. These experts have undergone many years of training, and have been serving the GTA residents for decades. So, you can count on their expertise. Contact us today.

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