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At RenoDuck Renovations, we are a reputable company offering high-quality services in basement renovations and finishing. Property owners who wish to add life to their basements count on us to bring the dream to life. Our primary objective is to bring your vision to life with excellent workmanship and remarkable designs to improve the quality of your home.

Our mission is to become a one-stop-shop for all basement renovation and finishing services in Aurora and the surrounding regions. We always uphold transparency, professionalism as well as loyalty to our esteemed clients. Our top priority is our clients’ complete satisfaction. We are committed to meeting all your unique needs.

Our services

Basement renovations are a worthy investment. They increase the overall value of a property and make it more attractive to buyers. Our renovation services can help transform your basement into an in-home office, or even a rental unit. As one of the most reliable building contractors in Aurora, our team will help create a comfortable living space for you and your guests. If you wish to turn your basement into a legal basement (rental apartment), we will guarantee that you satisfy all building codes. Contact us today and be amazed by our remarkable services. They include:

Basement Renovations

Many questions will go through your mind when considering a basement renovation. Is it worth the effort? Will the additional space be useful? The best way to think about basement renovations is as an investment opportunity. A well-finished basement will enhance the value of your property which means selling it will be easier. Basement renovation can also give you an extra room, ample storage, or rental apartment. When selling your home with a finished basement, you will be able to command top dollar than when the basement is neglected.

Basement renovations can give you a source of income when you convert the room into a legal second suite. The basement can also be personalized into a home office, gym, or an extra bedroom for your growing family. Your teenage son can use a basement bedroom and bathroom.

Legal basement or basement apartment

Transforming a basement into a legal rental unit calls for more than cleaning. The apartment needs to adhere to the construction codes in Aurora. The cables and pipes should also be carefully laid, lighting should be improved and underpinning is necessary to increase ceiling height. Our experts at RenoDuck Renovations have the knowledge, equipment, and experience needed to ensure your renovated basement meets all construction codes and regulations.

A legal second suite can help outweigh the costs when you rent it out. You will generate extra income which can be used to finance your children’s college education, repay the mortgage, pay the utility bills or simply supplement your income. Our expert team can help achieve all the benefits that come with owning basement rental units.

Basement walkout

Having extra exit or entrance at the ground level will add significant value to your property because of the convenience created. This will also improve the overall appearance of your home as well as improve safety as it can serve as an additional exit in case of an emergency. If your aim in basement renovation in Aurora is to rent your basement out, then you have to add a walkout. You don’t want tenants walking through your living space, do you?

How to use the extra space

Provided the basement renovation has been done by a professional with the right type of windows, waterproofing, flooring, lighting, and insulated wall panels, there are so many ways you can use it. They include:

  • Man cave: A renovated basement will serve as a sanctuary that is well tucked away from other practicalities of the main house. You can design a basement space that is all about you. You can use it as an extra storage space, add a pool table and do anything you want.
  • Personalized gym: You can get in shape with a personalized gym setup in the basement.
  • Home office: If you often work from home, having an office where you can complete all your tasks without any distractions is important. A renovated basement will make that possible. Our team can finish the basement in a manner that offers a tranquil working environment.
  • Basement apartment: You can transform the basement into a rental space. Our team will see to it that it meets all building codes and regulations in Aurora.

Reliable Basement Renovation in Aurora

Why choose us?

Our team has an outstanding reputation in Aurora for offering excellent services and reliable support to clients. This is why our clients turn to us for all their basement renovation needs. Our philosophy since the beginning has been to deliver excellent workmanship and offer stress-free as well as outstanding experience for clients.

We are the most reputable basement renovation contractors in Aurora and the surrounding regions. Our team is fully committed to transforming your basement into an excellent space that not only expands your space but also improves the value of your home. Our team can help with everything from adding a bedroom and bathroom in the basement to creating a kids’ play area, wine cellar or storage area for you. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to bring your basement vision to life.

FAQ about Basement Finishing & Renovation

  • Do I need a permit for basement renovation?
    Yes. All basement renovations must satisfy the building codes and regulations in Aurora.
  • How long does renovating take?
    The duration depends on the size of your basement and the features you want? Some basements require more work to be done than others.
  • Does finishing and renovating my basement add property value?
    Yes. Basement renovations open up space and provide extra rooms. This adds significant value to a home.
  • Do I need to hire separate contractors for plumbing, painting, and electricity?
    No. At RenoDuck Renovations, we will take care of everything so that you only have one point of contact.

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