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Who we are

RenoDuck Renovations is a reputable company offering basement renovations and finishing services. Property owners planning to breathe new life into their basements can count on our expertise. Creating your dream basement is our primary objective. All our staff strives to offer excellent workmanship and excellent designs that can improve the overall quality of your property.

We aim at becoming a one-stop-shop that offers all basement renovation and finishing services. In everything, we do, we uphold professionalism, transparency, and loyalty to our clients. We prioritize client satisfaction and making sure that all our customers’ needs are met.

Our services

Basement renovation projects are never a waste of money and resources. Having a functional basement increases the value of a property and can make it attractive to potential buyers. It is also a potential source of income, particularly if you turn into an in-home office or a rental unit. RenoDuck Renovations, one of the most reliable and reputable building contractors in Bradford, can help you create a comfortable space for your guests. If you intend to turn it into a rental apartment (also known as a legal basement), we will ensure that the area meets all the relevant building codes. At RenoDuck Renovations, we are thrilled to design a stunning basement for you. Get ready to be amazed by our broad range of services. These include:

Basement Renovations

You’re probably wondering why you should renovate your basement. Is it worth the money and effort? Will the additional space be useful? Instead of thinking of cellar renovations as a waste of money and other resources, you should see it as an investment opportunity.

A finished basement enhances the overall value of a property, and that means you can resell it faster. After all, every homebuyer wants a great house. Having a rental apartment in the basement, an extra bedroom, and ample storage in the cellar attracts buyers, can get you a higher dollar value compared to a property with a neglected basement.

A legal second suite is a potential source of income. If you choose to turn the basement into a personalized gym or an at-home office, you will still be making savings. Besides, a functional basement is excellent accommodation for your growing family. For example, your teenage kids can use a basement bedroom and bathroom.

Legal basement or second legal suite

Transforming your basement into a rental unit requires more than just cleaning and repainting the walls. The apartment must adhere to your city-specific construction codes and regulations. Additionally, pipes and electrical cables must be laid carefully, space must be perfectly lit, and basement underpinning may be necessary to increase the ceiling height. At RenoDuck Renovations, our experts have an in-depth knowledge regarding these requirements and will work tirelessly to ensure your apartment meets them.

The benefits of having a legal second suite outweigh the costs. You can rent out the unit, which means you have an extra income as long as the apartment is occupied. This income can be used to repay a mortgage, finance your kid’s college education, pay utility bills, or even supplement your monthly income from other sources. You can rely on our expertise to achieve these benefits of owning a basement rental unit.

Basement walkout

The installation of an extra entrance or exit at a ground level adds value to a property and creates convenience. It enhances the appearance of your residence and boosts safety as it serves as an alternative exit during an emergency such as a fire. If you plan to rent out your basement apartment, a walkout basement is essential. After all, the last thing your tenants want is to trespass someone’s living space every time they want to go out.

How to use the extra space

With the right type of basement waterproofing, windows, insulated wall panels, flooring, and lighting, you can use your finished basement in many ways. These include:

  • Man cave: It is a sanctuary of the sort that is comfortably tucked away from all the practicalities of your main house. The idea is to make space entirely about you and whatever you intend to do. You can set up a pool table, use it as a storage space for your collections, and more.
  • Personalized gym: Setting up a personalized gym in your finished basement makes it easier to get in shape without the stress of going to the gym. You can also personalize your exercising equipment, depending on your needs.
  • Home office: If you work from home, it is essential to have a home office where you can handle your tasks without distractions. Our experts can help finish your basement in such a way that it offers a quiet, comfortable place for work.

Basement apartment: Are you looking to expand your living space? Creating a rental apartment in your basement is a great idea. Note that the apartment must have a bathroom, kitchen, and other essentials. It is a potential source of an extra income.

Reliable Basement Renovation in Bradford

Why choose our services?

Our basement finishing and renovations team has earned an outstanding reputation for delivering excellent services and reliable client support consistently. This is the primary reason our customers seek our services repeatedly. Since our company’s inception many years ago, our philosophy has always been simple; deliver excellent workmanship and strive to offer a stress-free and outstanding experience for our clients.

RenoDuck Renovations is one of the reputable basement renovation contractors in the GTA, and we are fully committed to transforming your unfinished basement to an excellently finished space that will not only expand your property’s livable space but also boost the overall value of your property.

There are many basement renovation options, including adding a bathroom, bedroom, study room, kids’ play area, storage area, wine cellar, and more. Our experts offer you an opportunity to turn your basement into what you want as the options are endless. Remember, we have experience the resources to handle your projects successfully.

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