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RenoDuck Renovations is a reputable company offering basement renovations and finishing services. Property owners planning to breathe new life into their basements can count on our expertise. Creating your dream basement is our primary objective. All our staff strives to offer excellent workmanship and excellent designs that can improve the overall quality of your property.

We aim at becoming a one-stop-shop that offers all basement renovation and finishing services. In everything, we do, we uphold professionalism, transparency, and loyalty to our clients. We prioritize client satisfaction and making sure that all our customers’ needs are met.

How to Use the Extra Space

With the right type of basement waterproofing, windows, insulated wall panels, flooring, and lighting, you can use your finished basement in many ways. These include:
How to Use the Extra Space

  • Man cave:

    It is a sanctuary of the sort that is comfortably tucked away from all the practicalities of your main house. The idea is to make space entirely about you and whatever you intend to do. You can set up a pool table, use it as a storage space for your collections, and more.

  • Personalized gym:

    Setting up a personalized gym in your finished basement makes it easier to get in shape without the stress of going to the gym. You can also personalize your exercising equipment, depending on your needs.

  • Home office:

    If you work from home, it is essential to have a home office where you can handle your tasks without distractions. Our experts can help finish your basement in such a way that it offers a quiet, comfortable place for work.

  • Basement Kitchen:

    Renovated basements are proving to be extremely valuable every day, and kitchen installations are some of the best ideas. A basement kitchen renovation can also bring you many other benefits, such as making it easier to prepare meals without going to the main floor. Choose a kitchen layout that suits your basement size.

  • Basement Theatre:

    Having a basement home theatre can be a great way of reducing entertainment expenditures and spending more time with family. You will have a comfortable and well-furnished room that allows you to enjoy optimal comfort, especially when the room is fitted with the proper lighting and acoustic fixtures. It can also be great for hosting friends or having friendly tournaments.

  • Basement Apartment:

    A basement apartment can be used by family members or rented out to bring in more income. Turning a dingy basement into an attractive and livable space requires a high level of skills that our team possesses. A laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room can all be constructed in that space to make it a valuable, usable space.

  • Basement Sauna:

    A basement sauna can bring a lot of benefits, including better health and lifestyle. On the other hand, the intense heat can also be detrimental to the property if installation is poor. We can help you enjoy all the benefits without any potential negative effects by using correct measurements and following the right steps in basement sauna renovation.


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