Basement Sauna Renovation by Reno Duck

Most middle-class homeowners are rapidly installing saunas in their properties. Unlike before when such amenities were for the upper class only, it is now proving to be the preferred type of basement renovation for property owners from all socialeconomic backgrounds.

Having a basement sauna has many advantages in addition to increasing the value of the home. Other than being the perfect place to relax after a long day, the sauna is also believed to have a lot of other health benefits, most of which have been proven by experts.

Basement Sauna Renovation

Basement Sauna Renovation

A basement sauna renovation is one of the most beautiful and purposeful amenities to have, but it can also result in a lot of problems in the house if installation is not done correctly. The amount of heat generated in the sauna, together with the excess moisture, can cause a lot of damages if measures to counter them are not implemented early on. Some of the problems it can lead to are mould growth and discoloration of the walls. However, these problems can be avoided with the use of waterproof materials, installing a good ventilation system, and sealing off the area properly.

The amount of work and strategic planning that must go into the creation of a sauna usually result in higher costs, especially when using professional services. Even though it may be costly, working with qualified contractors is the only way to prevent future problems and more expensive repairs. That is why you should hire Reno Duck.

Our expertise in basement renovations extends to sauna creation. We give our clients a wide range of options for renovations to ensure they get the sauna design that works for their needs and stands out from others. We aim to make the sauna:

Fun: We want you to be able to show off your sauna with pride, which is why we incorporate all the fun fixtures. We are ready to discuss your options regarding all the elements that can be added to the sauna to make it more enjoyable.

Functional: Our main goal when working on a basement sauna is functionality. We infuse the performance with visual appeal to ensure you get the most from the space.

Efficient: Our efficient team will ensure you get a sauna that meets, if not surpass, your expectations and vision. We will make sure it serves its intended purpose for a very long time.

We are here to guide you through every step of your basement renovation.

Benefits of Sauna in Your Basement

  • Improves relaxation and eases pain

A sauna can help you relax after a hard day’s work. The heat inside will help your body release endorphins and improve the circulation of blood, which will also help with pain relief.

  • Promotes general wellness

Research has shown that the steam produced by the sauna promotes the production of white blood cells, which enhances the body’s ability to fight general illnesses.

  • Better cardiovascular health

Using the sauna frequently can lower the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Better blood circulation is also believed to help with heart function.

  • Reduces stress levels

By dilating blood vessels, improving blood flow, and releasing endorphin hormones, the sauna will reduce stress levels in your body.

  • Skin cleansing

By causing deep sweating of the body, the sauna removes dead skin cells, and allows them to be replaced, cleanses pores, and removes bacteria from the epidermal layer.

  • Weight loss aid

A sauna can increase the calories your body burns, which helps you with weight loss. However, it should not be used as an exercise tool.

Advantages of Basement Sauna

The sweat that a sauna induces can be invigorating and tension-releasing. Spending a few minutes in there can improve your life in general, taking away the aches and pains that may result from working hard all day or exercising. Installing a sauna in your basement will give you easy access to all the advantages without the cost.

Advantages of Basement Sauna

  • It makes you relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Relaxation is the most common factor that sauna users can attest to. Exposing the body to high heat leads to the release of endorphins, improves blood flow, and relaxes muscles. The tranquillity users experience in the quietness of the sauna also helps release stress for most people. The dilation of blood vessels that results from the heat also helps with the elimination of toxins in the body, including lactic acid. All these contribute to your overall wellness.

  • It’s available in numerous options

Several options are available for installing a sauna in your basement. Common options include a wood-burning sauna, infrared room, electrically heated sauna, and steam rooms. All these use different sources of energy to produce heat. You can also build the sauna on the main floor of your house instead of the basement if you have sufficient room there. However, the basement offers adequate space that will ensure you get a fully equipped and spacious sauna.

Steps Reno Duck Takes When We Renovate Sauna in Your Basement

Poor installation of a sauna in your basement may not seem like a big deal initially, but it can cause endless problems that become too costly to fix. You need a professional that can prove they know how to build a sauna in your basement to handle the job. At Reno Duck, we will help you choose the right materials that will not be damaged by moisture and heat.

  • We will help you to choose the right location

Our sauna installation process begins with the selection of an appropriate location. We prefer to build on a corner because it provides two walls, which reduces the amount of work and resources needed. By using already existing walls, we also make it easier for the heat produced in the sauna to escape outside. We still do our best to ensure the location is appropriate for the sauna and it will not interfere with the rest of the house features.

  • We will measure the area

The size of the sauna you want will determine the number of materials needed, which is why measuring is essential. We do this before sourcing the supplies because it also helps us visualize the layout. Accurate measurement also helps with the design selection, which ensures we make your sauna dream a reality.

  • What type of sauna heat do you prefer?

Different saunas use different sources for heat, ranging from wood to infrared. They also have two main categories, namely dry and wet saunas. The latter involves pouring water on hot rocks to produce steam, while the former does not. The dry sauna can have any of the above-named heat sources, but whatever the conductor used, safety measures must be implemented.

Select the type of heat you want, and our team will make sure the sauna generates enough of it without putting you and your loved ones in any danger. We will make sure everything is perfectly placed to prevent any issues in the future.

  • We are capable of insulating and building the frame

Insulation, sealing, and ventilation are all crucial in a sauna, especially the saunas in the basement. Our experts take care of these from the material selection stage by ensuring the supplies used are resistant to mildew, mould, and moisture.

We take care of the walls and floors to ensure no moisture seeps through to cause damage to the house elements or make the sauna unusable. We also take care of the joists and ensure the places that have been nailed are sealed off properly to eliminate chances of mould growing and water passing through the smallest openings.

We use different insulations for the interior and exterior walls of the sauna. We also prefer to use cedarwood because of its durability, resistance to moisture ability, and visual appeal. We can help you choose the type of cedar that fits your budget.

  • Waterproof floors are important

The floor of the sauna can also cause problems if it is not waterproof. It must also be protected from the heat that is produced when the sauna is in use.

We choose flooring materials that are specifically designed for use in bathrooms, such as duckboard and cedar.

  • We will add the doors

When dealing with doors, we make them swing outwards and not inwards. We believe that such doors make it easier to get away in case of an emergency. You can easily push them open and fall out, unlike with an inward swinging door that can trap you inside.

We also choose quality materials for the doors.

  • We can and will take care of plumbing and electrical

The sauna cannot be complete without electrical and plumbing fixture installation. The role that they serve in the sauna requires that the installation be done by highly skilled personnel that our professional team has. We will make sure they are safe and working as they should. Our technicians have the know-how to prevent any mistakes and guarantee that all the fixtures perform as they should.

We also take care of additional features you may want to give the sauna a personal touch and make it cozier. Whether you want a sophisticated or a simple sauna, we will deliver it.

What to Consider When Renovating a Basement Sauna

What to Consider When Renovating a Basement Sauna
The value that a basement sauna installation can add to your house is beyond monetary. It can help you sell the house faster and at a higher price, but it can also add many great health benefits to you and your family. Feel free to contact us if you want to revamp your current sauna or install a new one. Our contractors will give you a quotation and begin the process immediately.

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