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RenoDuck Renovations has been in business for many decades. We are among the top waterproofing and concrete contractors in Toronto. All our licensed contractors have undergone many years of training and are certified in all aspects of waterproofing and concrete work, including walkout basement in Toronto. They have many years of experience in basement renovation, laying new basement floors, constructing concrete walkways, laying stairs, and building basement walkouts. They can also handle basement underpinning, a process that involves adding vertical spaces to a basement to transform it into a living space.

Do you plan to add aesthetic appeal to your property? Do you have concrete repair work that needs to be handled by an expert? Contact RenoDuck Renovations. We can handle any renovation project, basement underpinning, construction of basement walkway, and other home improvement projects.

Add Height to Your Basement Building Basement Walkout in Toronto

So, how can you add height to your basement New concrete walkway

finished basement stairs

The area surrounding a property foundation can sometimes be a problematic area. In case the concrete walkway is deteriorating or uneven, there is a good chance, those small puddles will soon become lakes. The pooling water can gradually wear away the walkway and foundation. Eventually, this will cause cracks and holes, which could compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation and its ability to keep water out.

If your current basement walkway is cracked or some sections are buckling, it is time for it to be dug up and replaced with a new concrete sidewalk. RenoDuck Renovations can handle this task effectively and offer a lasting solution. Our experts will lay a durable walkway while maintaining the original positions of all underground pipes and electric lines.

A well-planned concrete walkway that has been professionally constructed, leveled, and spread will direct rainwater away from your property. This will minimize instances of water damage to your foundation. For homeowners who need a separate side or back entrance added to their homes, our experts can recommend concrete material for the walkway.

Make Sure Your Expectations Match The Reality Basement walkout

Generally, the ideal configuration for a basement walkout is a home that sits on a slope or a hillside. However, RenoDuck Renovations can add this feature if one side of your basement is an exposed wall. Most property owners tend to add this component to the lower level. We can add a door and full-sized windows on the outside to ensure the room is brightly lit with natural light, and you can easily access it from the outside or inside.

Note that excavation is necessary to level the land and create a way for the remaining part of your home’s foundation. We will install concrete footers to support the new wall effectively. Wooden forms will offer a perfectly defined area for the foundation walls and create cutouts for the door. Our construction experts can cut a doorway in a basement using a masonry saw.

The construction process will start after the concrete footers have dried effectively and the wooden forms have been removed. Support beams and sill plate will be required to support the doorframe. Next, we will install the door and use stripping to seal it off from heat loss and weather damage. In addition, a full-size window will be included, and the expert will cut the opening using a masonry saw. Note that you have several options when it comes to finishing the exterior section of your basement walkout. You can add landscaping, patio, deck, or walkways depending on the property’s pitch. If you have a limited or small area for the basement walkout, we can construct a finished wall around the finished patio section. This will result in a completely new space for you and your loved ones to relax or get entertained.

Make Sure Your Expectations Match The Reality Add or replace concrete stairs

Add or replace concrete stairs

Broken, chipped, or worn-out concrete stairs are inevitable. In case your old staircase reveals signs of wear and tear, it is probably time to get it replaced. Such a project requires specialized skills and the experience of a professional building contractor. Laying out concrete stairs requires precise measuring and an in-depth understanding of concrete mixtures.

The stairs’ vertical face, tread, and form for the riser must be carefully built to exact measurements before a concrete mixture is poured. Our experts know the recommended depth and width of concrete steps for a better visual appeal and comfortable use. A perfectly planned concrete stairway with a somewhat high-grade cement mixture lasts longer, which means you may never have to worry about replacing the concrete stairway.

How to Choose Between Basement Underpinning and Bench Footing Basement_2 Add or replace concrete stairs

Finishing an unfinished basement at the process of underpinning

Generally, underpinning refers to the process of reinforcing an unstable foundation or lowering the entire basement floor to boost the rooms’ ceiling height. Both cases require excavation of the basement floor, and part of the soil underneath should be replaced at a slightly lower level. The primary objective of the basement underpinning is to strengthen the property’s foundation or extend it vertically. Either way, you (the homeowner) will need first to determine the primary goal of your project.

According to the experts, one of the most valuable home improvements is turning your unutilized crawl space into a beautiful living space. Nevertheless, this is a job for professionals, as the entire underpinning process requires in-depth knowledge about property foundation walls, replacement of the basement floors, the right excavation technique, and precise measurements. One wrong move might compromise your home’s foundation.

Building Basement Walkout in 6 Steps

Add Height to Your Basement Contact a Basement Renovation Expert

Homeowners planning to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes or transform their basements into stunning living spaces, no longer need to worry about getting the right contractor. You can count on us. Our experts can handle all forms of repair and maintenance projects, basement underpinning, installation of a concrete stairway, waterproofing, and more. These experts have undergone many years of training, and have been serving the GTA residents for decades. So, you can count on their expertise. Contact us today.

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