Our Process

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Every renovation project is our pride and joy because your property matters to us as much as it matters to you. This is why our work process is thorough and comprehensive. We treat every step of the renovation process as its own little separate project, attending to every detail while maintaining organized workflows all throughout.

Stage 1: Pre-Renovation

1. We Receive Your Request

You drop us a line, and we get back to you immediately. The fact that you took the time to contact us means a lot. And since we value your time, we waste reach out to you within 24 hours.

2. First Meeting

We schedule a preliminary meeting at your house in which we evaluate the property and take measurements. This step is important because it helps us understand the condition of the foundation, what you want out of your renovated basement, and what kind of basement upgrades you wish to install.

3. Second Meeting

After understanding the scope of work, we invite you to come to our office. You get to feel and choose the materials, browse our product catalog, and also tell us about your vision for your basement.

We then quote you for the work on the spot,k so you know the fee we present is accurate. Furthermore, our quoting process is done in a matter of minutes because there are no hidden fees and no fine-print terms. We price-match with full transparency so you get exactly what you pay for.

Next, we set up a start date.

Basement Renovation Timeline

4. Design Meeting

Determining the basement design is an essential step in renovation. Before the renovation itself begins, you’re welcome into our office to sit with one of our designers. They will discuss various options and recommendations with you, and you can share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions with them. At this stage, we go over every detail in your basement.

Bear in mind that all of our basement designs are permit-ready. We have the skill it takes to create floor plans that comply with the Ontario Building Code as well as municipal bylaws. As a result, your permit process is smooth sailing.

5. Project Manager Meeting

A project manager comes to your house and walks you through every step of the renovation process. The project manager will also notify you about the project process overall so you know about any updates we make to your basement.

basement renovation timeline

Stage 2: Renovation

We take the time to thoroughly go over your basement during pre-renovation so that when the work begins, every step is clear and according to plan. You can rest assured that our services are prompt, professional, and highly organized thanks to our years of experience in the renovation industry.

Through our client login, you have access to a day-by-day progress of the work, showing every step we work on. Each project has its own unique timeline so you can stay on track with the renovation process, view images of every update, and communicate with our project manager.

Moreover, our team of designers, plumbers, electricians, and builders work in collaboration. This means we can remodel your basement in 26 days — fast enough to reduce the hassle for you, long enough for us to make sure everything is up to standard.

Stage 3: Post-Renovation

After the renovation stage, we make sure your basement is ready to move into. Our turnkey solutions mean that in addition to the renovation itself, we take care of post-renovation cleanup. From sweeping and mopping the floor to polishing stainless steel appliances, your basement will be 100% spotless and ready for use.

Our renovation process is meticulous and perfectly structured for your comfort. The fact that we go over every aspect in your basement means you can trust us to do a fantastic job every time. Additionally, we lead with passion and professionalism, and we want you to have the basement of your dreams. Our customer reviews are all the proof you need.

Check out our gallery for inspiring basement transformations in the GTA or contact us to get one step closer to your dream home.