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Reno Duck Renovations is a renowned company providing exceptional basement renovations and finishing services in Hamilton. If you want to add more life to your dull basement, you can count on us to make your dream come true. We combine magnificent designs with exceptional workmanship to deliver the best basement renovations and finishing results.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your basement renovation and finishing services in Hamilton and the nearby areas. In all we do, we uphold professionalism, transparency, and loyalty to our clients.  We always put our clients’ needs first by ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations for utmost customer satisfaction.

With our professional basement renovation services, you can transform your basement into anything you like. We can help you create a home gym, office, kid’s playroom, or living space in your basement. We can also help you transform your basement into a rental apartment that will help you earn an additional income.

Basement Renovation & Basement Refinishing

Basement RenovationBasement Refinishing

Basement Renovation

Space utilization is one of the leading benefits of a basement renovation. Basement renovation enables you to create an additional living space at a minimal effort and cost. The renovation experts at Reno Duck can transform your basement into anything that you want. Some of the leading basement renovation ideas include:

Children’s Playroom

Many parents transform their basements into exclusive playrooms to provide their children with a dedicated place where they can have lots of fun. You may not have ample space in your house to create a playroom, however, with the right renovation, the seemingly inhabitable basement can be a haven for your kids.

Personalized Home Gym

Do you dread the idea of commuting to the gym daily and paying gym membership fees? You can overcome this hassle by transforming your basement into a home gym. You can incorporate all the necessary gym equipment to create the best fitness center. You’ll have the freedom to use the gym equipment without having to wait in line. You can work out without distractions. With a gym right in your house, you will feel motivated to work out more.

Home Theatre

At Reno Duck, we can transform your basement into a movie theatre. You can bring the cinema to your home and stream your favorite movies and shows. You can get the same movie-going experience without leaving the comfort of your home. We will help you modify your basement for optimal screen viewing.

An Extra Bathroom

Having a bathroom in your basement will save you extra trips upstairs, offering you additional comfort and convenience. Our experts at Reno Duck will work with you to select the right products and plumbing fixtures for your bathroom.

Contact a Basement Renovation Expert

For all types of basement renovations, you can count on Reno Duck to actualize your dreams. We will transform your basement into a bedroom, office, playroom, movie room, or other living space. With a team of experienced renovation experts, we always get it right the first time. We prioritize the needs of our clients and strive to exceed their expectations.

Basement Renovation

We can help you if you want to change the layout of your basement or add new features. Our renovation services can give your basement new functionality and turn it into anything you want it to be. We have experience turning basements into kitchenettes, bedrooms, bathrooms, and gyms. Our expert contractors will come up with the right plan for the kind of renovation you want. We believe that every project requires different expertise and approach. For example, turning your basement into a bathroom requires a different plan than building a bedroom. You can rely on our team to come up with an appropriate plan for the kind of project you want.

Contractors from our company can also turn your basement into an apartment. We understand the legal obligations involved, and we will take care of them before we start renovating. We also handle all the permits for our clients. You only discuss what you want, and we deliver. Although turning your basement into a rental unit involves an extensive process, the rewards are always worth it.

A basement renovation will allow you to make good use of your basement space. Our basement renovation experts at Reno Duck will transform your dark and lonely basement into anything you desire. Some of the creative basement renovation ideas are:

A Basement Home Theater

Your home theater doesn’t have to resemble the plush screening room for big-screen movies. You can transform your basement into a perfect space for a large screen television for watching live sports events and movies. It can be a great place for a family to gather and watch videos of family vacations or old family movies together.

Fitness or Meditation Room

You can renovate your basement to include a casual exercise space and a home gym. You’ll no longer have to leave your house to visit the gym, especially during winter. A home gym will encourage you to focus on your well-being. You’ll reap both physical and mental benefits by having a home gym.

Kids Playroom

You can transform your grey and dreary basement into a colorful playroom for your kids. Before you send your children to the basement to play, you have to ensure that it’s safe for them. You have to incorporate proper lighting, paint the walls with colorful paints, and incorporate the right flooring.

Guest Bathroom

Adding an extra bathroom in your basement makes life easier and more convenient, especially when you have some guests at your home. A bathroom will increase the functionality of your basement and increase your home value. Your guests or kids won’t have to run upstairs every time they need to use the bathroom.

At Reno Duck, we don’t limit our services to basement transformations, we also specialize in basement leak repairs and basement insulations. Depending on your needs, we’ll transform your basement into a functional space.

Basement Refinishing

Reno Duck is among the most trusted companies in Hamilton for basement renovation. We have unrivaled experience in basement refinishing. We have helped many homeowners in Hamilton transform their basements into attractive living spaces. Our exceptional basement refinishing services have earned us a great reputation in Hamilton.

Basement Refinishing Services we provide

Your basement’s concrete floors and walls might not seem like they have any potential. However, with basement refinishing, you can create usable space and add a significant amount of value to your home. At Reno Duck, we will take care of your entire basement-refinishing project. Our services include:

  • Choosing and installing the right flooring
  • Insulating the basement walls
  • Framing the walls
  • Installing drywall
  • Fixing the basement ceiling
  • Waterproofing
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiling
  • Painting

Basement refinishing involves several steps. Our team at Reno Duck has completed many basement-refinishing projects before, and they understand exactly what they should do. We are not only committed to refinishing your basement, but we’ll also keep you updated on the progress of the refinishing project. We are a paperless company that maintains online records of our projects and updates our clients through email.

Why You Should Invest in Basement Refinishing

Basements are among the most overlooked areas in a home. Many homeowners don’t understand the potential of basements to add extra space to a home. Some of the reasons why you should refinish your basement are:

  • Add more space to your home
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Comfort and organization

You have many options when it comes to basement refinishing. Some of the ideas for basement refinishing include:

  • Creating an extra bedroom
  • Adding a home office
  • Creating a recreational space
  • An extra guest room
  • A creative storage area

Why Choose Reno Duck for Basement Refinishing

By choosing us to refinish your basement, you can expect great results at an affordable cost. We only use the highest quality refinishing materials from the leading manufacturers. We have a team of experts that understand all the aspects of basement refinishing.

Basement Apartment & Walkout Basement

Basement ApartmentWalkout Basement

Basement Apartment

Turning your basement into a rental apartment is a great way to bring in some extra cash. A basement apartment has a separate entrance and other amenities like a kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, upon renting out a basement apartment, you and your tenants won’t have to share rooms or amenities. You’ll hardly notice that you’re sharing the same room with your tenant. Our experts are Reno Duck, will carry out all the basement-finishing steps that include:

  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Framing
  • Installing the ideal flooring
  • Drywall installation
  • Painting
  • Tiling for both the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Basement waterproofing

Our team has all the necessary skills and expertise to create the perfect basement apartment that suits your needs. We will take into consideration all the legal and safety precautions but also consider your needs and desires.

At Reno Duck, we seek to maintain an eco-friendly workspace. We have a paperless business approach. We document all our clients’ projects online and send regular updates to them through email.

Why Invest in a Basement Apartment

Turning your basement into a stylish basement apartment will not just earn you some extra income every month but will also increase the value of your home. You can use the income from your basement apartment to pay for your mortgage or offset other bills.

Creating a basement apartment is a significant investment that requires you to check with the necessary Hamilton local codes. Our experts will help you make the best use of your basement space without violating the legal requirements.

Walkout Basement

Have you ever thought of turning your dark and musty basement into a living space? Perhaps it seems like too much work, and you might be wondering whether it’s worth it. Numerous benefits come with having a walkout basement in your home:

Creating More Living Space

A walkout basement is a unique space that will allow you to combine indoor and outdoor space. You can add windows and doors to make the walkout basement more habitable, just like the rest of the house. You can transform your walkout basement into anything you like ranging from a storage room to a basement apartment.

Home Worth

A walkout basement will increase the value of your home. The extra living space and the natural sunlight make it easy to convert a walkout basement into an accessible living area. The doors and windows mean that the basement will not be damp and musty. When considering different homes for sale, buyers are likely to go for a home with a walkout basement.

Allows in Natural Light

Basement apartments have extra windows and doors, and this lets in natural light, making the basement habitable and inviting. Compared to typical underground basements, the walkout basement feels more like the rest of the house due to the natural light. When you combine the natural light with the artificial lighting, you may not even realize that you’re in the basement.

Potential Income from a Basement Apartment

You have the option of converting your walkout basement into a basement apartment that will help you earn some extra income. A walkout basement has a separate entrance. You’ll still be able to keep your privacy even if you convert the walkout basement into a rental suite.

Why Hire Reno Duck to Renovate your Walkout Basement?

You can trust us to create a well-lit and inviting walkout basement out of a dull and musty basement. Our experts have all it takes to create the perfect walkout basement. For many years, we have created exceptional walkout basements for our clients in Hamilton, and they are happy with our services.

How to Use the Extra Space

There are endless options when it comes to basement renovation. If you are working with a professional basement renovation company, you can turn your basement into anything you imagine. For the best results, you should go for high-quality windows, flooring, wall insulation, lighting, and waterproofing. Some of the best basement renovation ideas include:

  • Home Gym:

    You can make great use of your basement by turning it into a vibrant home gym. We will help you install the right flooring, lighting, mirrors, and any other necessary accessories for a perfect gym. You can even add a bathroom and a kitchen to turn the entire basement into a workout suit. You’ll feel more motivated to exercise when you no longer have to leave your house to go to the gym.

  • Man Cave:

    The basement is an ideal location for a man cave because it’s free from the main house’s distractions. There’s nothing better than having a place of your own where you can retreat to, do the things you like, and relax. The basement provides ample room and is secluded from the rest of the house. Despite the type of man cave you want – a gaming area, theater, or bar, the basement is an ideal location.

  • Personalized Home office:

    When you’re working from home without a conventional office, it can be challenging given the many distractions, especially from your kids or pets. Establishing a go-to work zone in your basement will help you overcome the distractions. A well-organized and equipped office will help you focus on your work and increase your productivity. Our team at Reno Duck will create the perfect home office in your basement for a tranquil working environment.

  • Basement apartment:

    Our team will help you turn your idle basement into a basement apartment to earn some rental income. We understand all the building codes and regulations in Hamilton. We’ll comply with all the legal requirements while renovating your basement.

  • Basement Kitchen

    A basement kitchen renovation is one of the fun, functional, and efficient ways you can use to turn the wasted space into a useful one. You can have any type of kitchen depending on the basement space available and your preferences. Our team will help you create the designs, whether you want a peninsula, galley, or one-wall kitchen.

  • Basement Sauna

    Basement sauna renovation trends continue to be on the rise as most people understand the benefits of such amenities. Their purpose cannot be underestimated, and their advantages are numerous. Our expert team will ensure the work is done to perfection to keep the heat and moisture from the sauna from damaging the basement and the house at large.

What We Can Do?

By choosing our basement renovation services, you’re assured of great results because whatever we do, we do it perfectly. We will help you make the right decisions and guide you in choosing the right renovation materials.

Basement renovation might seem costly but will help you save money and even generate income in the future. For instance, you won’t have to pay gym membership fees when you convert your basement into a gym.  If you convert your basement into a basement apartment, you will earn an extra rental income.

Reno Duck always puts customers’ needs and satisfaction first. We take time to listen to our clients to ensure that all the work we do matches our clients’ specifications. We are transparent; we’ll provide you with a contract that reveals all the costs and the scope of the project. You can never go wrong by choosing to work with us.

FAQ about Basement Finishing & Renovation

Can I use any flooring type for my basement?

The ideal flooring types for basement renovation are ceramic tiles, engineered wood, rubber, and laminate flooring. The best flooring will depend on the type of basement renovation. For instance, the ideal flooring for a gym might not be ideal for a home office or home theater. At Reno Duck, we help our clients choose the right flooring type after conducting a thorough property investment.

Can I pick my own finishing materials?

Yes. At Reno Duck, we give our clients the freedom to choose their preferred basement finishing materials based on the needs and preferences. However, the materials should meet the finishing requirements. If a client needs guidance in choosing the right finishing materials, we’re always ready to assist.

Is basement renovation costly?

The cost of a basement renovation depends on the size of the project and the type of renovation. For instance, it would be more costly to turn your basement into a basement apartment compared to turning the basement into a gym or office. At Reno Duck, we provide affordable but high-quality basement renovation services.

What determines the basement renovation cost?

The main determinants of basement renovation cost are the wall counts and the square footage of the basement. We will help you estimate the specific cost of your basement renovation project depending on the project specifications.

Is there a relationship between basement renovation and home value?

Basement renovation has a great impact on the resale value of your property. Homes with renovated basement often sell faster than homes with an unfinished basement. A basement renovation may help you earn some income if you create a basement apartment.

How long does a basement renovation take?

How long it’ll take to complete a basement renovation project will depend on several factors, including the type of renovation and the basement’s size. However, most basement renovations take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete.

Must I seek a permit before starting a basement renovation?

Whether you need a permit or not will depend on the alterations you intend to make in your basement. You would require a permit if you intend to make structural or material alterations to your property, modify the insulating, plumbing, heating systems, and excavate foundations. You also need a permit for basement underpinning, adding a second suite, and building your basement entrance.

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