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Brampton is full of green spaces as well as dining and shopping amenities that make it a livable city. The ease with which you can access dining areas and shopping centers in this GTA city makes life more convenient. Although the majority of the population is brown, there is mixed ethnicity. The cultural diversity here is not a problem. Brampton is also one of the fastest-growing cities, and that increases real estate demand.

Reno Duck can help you renovate your basement to increase the value of your home. We can turn your basement into a usable space to add square footage to your home. Our renovations can also turn your basement into a rental unit. With our services, you will turn your basement into any kind of living space you want. We are here to make your basement renovation dreams a reality.

Our Services

We are driven by the desire to help the residents of Toronto get finished basements. As a homeowner, you have invested a lot in your property, and you deserve to get the highest ROI. Our company is here to help you get it. We provide diverse services that include:

Basement Renovation & Basement Refinishing

Basement RenovationBasement Refinishing

Basement Renovation

Your basement doesn’t have to be a cold and uninviting space reserved for storage. With the right basement renovation, you can make your basement as bright and attractive as any other space in your home. You can count on us at Reno Duck to transform a dull and unfashionable basement into a lively space. We can transform your basement into anything you need. Some of the best basement renovations ideas are:

Entertainment Room

Your basement can be the perfect place where you watch your favorite shows and movies. You can transform it into your very own home theater. You can install a big screen, comfortable couches, carpets, and other accessories, and you’ll be good to go. You could also add a foosball table or a billiard for a complete entertainment experience.

A Playroom for Your Kids

Kids love to have fun, especially together with their friends. There’s no better way to give them a private space than transforming your idle basement into a kid-friendly play area. You can give the basement a nice vibe by painting the walls with lively colors.

Gym Powerhouse

The biggest challenge of a workout is showing up in a gym. Turning your basement into a gym will help you feel motivated to work out more often. A home gym in your basement will offer you unmatched convenience. Gym memberships, driving, or long walks to the gym will be a thing of the past.

An Extra Bathroom

A bathroom in the basement is convenient for your guests or family because they will not have to go upstairs to access plumbing, running water, or use the restroom. Our team at Reno Duck will help you waterproof and drywall to ensure that you won’t have water leakage challenges.

At Reno Duck, we don’t just provide basement renovations but are also experts in basement insulation and leak repairs. Our experts will bring out the best in your basement.

Basement Refinishing

Reno Duck will transform your unfinished or previously finished basement into an attractive, comfortable, and healthier living space. Our basement refinishing services involve updating your previously finished basement that might have suffered moisture and water damage.

Our Basement Refinishing Services

You might have previously had a basement renovation, but you still need to improve your basement further. We can make it happen; our refinishing experts will transform your basement into a vibrant living space. You just have to inform us about your preferred style. Our basement refinishing services include:

  • Solving moisture problems in your basement with effective basement waterproofing
  • Removing damaged materials from your basement
  • Installing new finishing materials that won’t get damaged by moisture or attract mold

Basements are often humid and are prone to leaks and groundwater seepage. Therefore, water damage is the most common basement finishing issue. Water damage could lead to soggy drywall and stained, painted surfaces. Your carpeting may start to smell while wood paneling and trim becomes moldy and warped. If this sounds familiar, you should contact Reno Duck.

Waterproof and Mold-Resistant Basement Refinishing Products

Most basements finished with conventional materials like drywall and wood may not hold up humidity, moisture, and other water issues. At Reno Duck, we provide an array of quality basement refinishing products that will withstand water and moisture.

Why You Should Invest in Basement Refinishing

If your home’s basement is unfinished, there are many ways of utilizing that idle space. A finished basement is a popular home improvement project. Basement refinishing comes with many benefits to a homeowner:

  • Increased home value
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home
  • Storage and organization – You’ll no longer have to deal with cluttered space
  • You can add an extra guest house
  • Creating an additional bedroom
  • Creating an extra bathroom

Why Choose Reno Duck to Refinish Your Basement

We are the leading innovators and experts in basement refinishing. We have created industry-leading solutions to transform any basement into a livable space. We provide the best basement refinishing services at competitive prices.

Basement Apartments & Walkout Basement

Basement ApartmentsWalkout Basement

Basement Apartments

There’s no reason why your basement shouldn’t bring you passive income. If you wish to convert it into a functional rental apartment, we are the company to hire. Such a project requires high skill levels which our team has. We will make sure we comply with the building regulations in Ontario as well as fire codes and electricity codes. We don’t want you or your tenant to experience legal problems after the apartment is complete. Our first step will be to check with the local municipality whether the project is feasible or not. We’ll then create a plan with you before starting the project. Remember to have an inspection done after we’ve completed the job.

If you have unused basement space like many homeowners, you may consider converting it into a basement apartment. You will not just put your extra space into good use, but you’ll also create a supplemental income. Our Reno Duck experts will transform your basement into a separate apartment complete with a separate living room, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. We’ll follow several steps while converting your basement into an apartment:

  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Drywall installation
  • Painting
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiling
  • Basement waterproofing

The first question many homeowners ask when considering a basement apartment is whether the apartments are legal in their area. Since turning your basement into a rental unit is a major renovation, you should consider the local codes to know the requirements. At Reno Duck, we’ll help you determine the best layouts that will enable you to maximize space while complying with all the legal requirements.

We seek to maintain an eco-friendly workspace; we maintain all our works automatically. We’ll document your project’s progress online and keep constant communication with you through email.

Why Invest in a Basement Apartment

A basement apartment is a right fit for you if you have been thinking of transforming your basement into a functional space that generates some extra income. Even if you’ll incur the initial renovation costs, it’s worth the investment. You’ll reap rental income from your basement apartment for many years.

Walkout Basement

Many homeowners use their basements as an extension of the home’s main living space. Some of the benefits of a walkout basement in your home are:

Additional Living Space

With a walkout basement, your basement will no longer be a dark storage area but a great living space. You can transform your basement into anything you desire, including a second living room or a hosting space. You can also create the perfect playroom for your kids. You can transform the basement into a studio or office to enable you to work from home without interruptions. Your basement provides limitless ways of adding more space into your home.

Elevates your Property Value

Realtors and appraisers don’t count the square footage of a conventional basement but will count the square footage of a complete walkout basement. By counting the walkout basement in your home’s overall square footage, appraisers and realtors will give your home a higher value. A basement apartment may provide supplemental income and this further increases your home value.

Allows in More Natural Light

Full basements are not only dark but also dingy. A walkout basement often comes complete with a door and a set of windows, depending on your specifications. With the penetration of natural light, the basement will be much more lively and inviting than a conventional basement. With a walkout basement, you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew issues.

A Standalone Apartment

A walkout basement has a separate door and windows, making it a perfect separate apartment where your older children can stay. You could also transform your walkout basement into a rental apartment for that supplemental income.

Why Hire Reno Duck to Renovate your Basement Apartment?

Our experts at Reno Duck have the necessary expertise and experience to transform your basement into a perfect living space. We will transform the dark and dull basement into a vibrant living space at competitive rates.

Why Choose Us?

With Reno Duck, you can have peace of mind knowing that we uphold high-quality standards when completing our projects. We complete all projects to match and exceed our clients’ expectations. We will guide you accordingly depending on the project at hand and recommend durable and easy to maintain renovation materials.

Even if you incur the initial renovation costs, we ensure that you get to save money in the long term. For instance, turning your basement into a basement apartment will help generate rental income. On the other hand, having your home gym will save you gym membership fees and give you the unmatched convenience of working out from home.

Reno Duck is a reliable, responsive, and trustworthy company to work with. We listen to our clients and deliver quality work. Our experts don’t just focus on getting the work done but also maintain excellent relationships with clients. We always put our clients’ satisfaction first. You can never go wrong by choosing to work with us.

How to Use the Extra Space

As long as you hire an expert to renovate your basement and install the right flooring, lighting, waterproofing, insulated walls, and windows, there are countless ways of using the basement. You can transform the basement into:

  • Home Gym:

    With a personalized home gym, you can always work out whenever you please.

  • Man Cave:

    Your basement can serve as an ideal personal space where you can retreat to unwind and relax away from the main house’s disturbances. You can install a pool table in the basement, create additional storage space, or put it to any other use.

  • Home Office:

    Your basement can be the perfect home office where you work without distractions. Our experts at Reno Duck will transform your basement into a quiet and peaceful working area.

  • Basement Apartment:

    We can help you transform your basement into a rental unit. Our experts will ensure that it complies with all the regulations and building codes in Brampton.

  • Basement Kitchen:

    The convenience of not having to go to the main floor every time you want a snack or meal is one reason you should consider a basement kitchen renovation. It also turns the basement into an independent section, which increases its usability. Explore kitchen design options with RenoDuck.

  • Basement Theatre:

    RenoDuck has passionate, committed, and dedicated tradesmen that will stop at nothing to give you a high-class basement home theatre. We consider multiple factors such as the available space, lighting fixtures, acoustics, and the possibility of installing a screen wall. In addition, we will make the room properly lit to create the right ambience and install soundproof features.

  • Basement Sauna:

    During a basement sauna renovation, we make sure we choose the ideal location and use waterproof and heat-resistant materials that will protect the property. You can choose any type of sauna when you work with our experts because our experience will ensure we do not fail you. We will help you make all the right considerations for guaranteed success.

Turn Your Basement into a Playroom

One of the best basement renovation ideas is creating a playroom. If you have kids, turning your basement into a playroom will give them a separate space to have fun. You won’t worry about your living space being messed up, especially when you have guests. Another alternative is to turn the basement into a playroom for adults. You can have your “man cave” there and place a pool table or any other gaming device you like. It can also be a family room where you have game nights to play and bond within your family.

There are many basement renovation ideas, and Reno Duck is the right company to make them a reality. We have a wide range of services that we want to share with you in detail. Whatever your wishes are, we will make sure they materialize. Other than renovations, we also offer refinishing services. Call us today and share your ideas with us.

FAQ about Basement Finishing & Renovation

Which is the ideal flooring type for my basement?

The leading basement flooring types include ceramic tile, engineered tile, rubber, and laminate flooring. You are free to choose the ideal basement flooring depending on how you intend to use the basement. Ceramic tiles are a great choice if you intend to create a kitchen or a bathroom in your basement. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and are not prone to water damage. Before recommending the right flooring type, Reno Duck conducts a thorough inspection of the property.

Must I use the contractor’s finishing materials?

No. At Reno Duck, we allow clients to use their finishing materials as long as they meet the necessary quality and finishing requirements. We will guide you and help you choose the ideal finishing material.

Do I require a permit to renovate my basement?

Our professional basement contractors at Reno Duck will guide you and advise you whether a permit is necessary or not. A permit might be necessary if the renovation work involves:

  • Modification of the plumbing, heat, an insulating system
  • Structural or material modifications
  • Additional suites
  • Constructing or excavating foundations
  • Basement underpinning
  • Building a basement entrance

You’ll not require a basement renovation permit if:

  • You are not adding a second dwelling or extra living space in the basement
  • The renovation does not involve structural or material alterations
  • The renovation doesn’t involve new plumbing installation

You can know whether you require a permit for your basement renovation by checking the Brampton building permit requirements. Reno Duck’s experienced basement renovation experts will also help you know if you need a permit for your basement renovation.

What’s the completion time for a basement renovation?

Several factors will determine how long it takes to complete a basement renovation, including the property size and renovation type. A typical professional basement renovation takes between four and six weeks.

Does a basement renovation affect my property’s value?

Yes, a basement renovation will elevate your property value. You will get a good return on your investment since a renovated basement boosts your home’s resale value. You can also earn an extra income by renting out the renovated basement.

How much does basement refinishing cost?

The cost of a basement refinishing will vary depending on the work to be done and the basement’s size. At Reno Duck, we aim at keeping the refinishing cost low while still maintaining high-quality standards.

How much will it cost me to renovate my basement?

The cost of basement renovation varies depending on the wall counts and the square footage. We will assess your property and give you the exact cost of your basement renovation. You can count on us to provide the best basement renovation services at a reasonable cost.

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