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Bolton may be one of the most populated cities in Canada, but it has cultural diversity that cannot be found anywhere else. Investing in a home here is one of the best moves you can make. If you already own a property, you need to finish your basement. Investing in such a project gives you extra space to rent out or more usable space for your family, depending on the renovation design you choose.

Our company, Reno Duck, is here to make the process easier for you. We are a construction company that cares more about our clients and will make every renovation about you. Every upgrade we do for you will reflect your personal style and preferences. Our diverse team can finish any type of renovation within 18 weeks or less. The kind of craftsmanship we use when delivering our services guarantees the basement of your dreams.

Basement Renovation and Refinishing in Bolton, GTA

We specialize in different areas such as the construction of saunas or spas, turning the basement into a playroom for children or adults, and creating extra bedrooms or bathrooms in the basement. Our contractors can also install drywall in your basement, increase the ceiling height, and install new flooring. We have experience working with different types of construction materials and will make sure you get the best quality.

Our skills and imagination allow us to give our clients any type of transformation. You’ll have endless upgrade options ranging from building kitchens to extra bathrooms. We work according to the needs and financial capacity of our clients, so you don’t have to worry if you have a tight budget. We also customize building plans according to the kind of upgrade you want. We will give you a 3D plan as soon as we agree on the type of renovation.

If your basement has water damage, we can help. Call us to repair all water leaks on your basement ceiling, walls, or floors. We can also change your floors, and install new drywall for you. Our contractors can also work on the ceilings to increase their height. Whatever issue you encounter, we will provide the perfect solution. Our team does follow-up work to ensure you get a smooth transition as you start using your new basement. We will be with you from the planning stage until the move-in stage.

Basement Renovation Bolton

  • We Always Listen to Our Customers:

    We are the kind of service provider that will put your needs first. We believe that every person has different needs that we should understand in order to meet them. Our team has excellent communication skills that include listening keenly. We ask questions to get clarification, and we allow the client to do the same. Our contractors are also very friendly and will make you feel at ease.

  • Our Team is Imaginative and Creative:

    Hiring us gives you access to the most creative minds in the industry. We strive to give every client a custom upgrade that suits their unique personality and design style. Our services are ideal for all times of remodeling and renovation projects. We select the best approach depending on the current state of your basement. If it is unfinished, we will remodel and create a new layout. If the basement already has a layout you’re comfortable with, we will add refinishing touches that also include conducting repairs on damaged areas.

  • Simple Process:

    When you work with us, you will have a systematic process that makes it easier for you to understand the steps involved. It starts with an analysis of your basement, after which we create a plan. We’ll get the permits involved before we move to the design stage. We issue a quotation after we agree on the type of design you want. The cost estimation is done with technological tools that guarantee accuracy. Our company also offers the most competitive prices for all kinds of renovations and refinishing. After agreeing on the cost, we’ll proceed to build your new basement the way you envision it.

In Conclusion

Reno Duck operates with a policy that ensures you get the most value and benefits from our services. We prioritize the quality of materials as well as the craftsmanship. We select the best materials for your project and will use the best tools and skills to put them in place. We also value uniqueness and will give you a personalized basement. Affordability and competence are also some of our strong attributes. We are not afraid of using the knowledge we’ve gained over the years. We are a licensed and an insured company that will exceed all your expectations.

Reno Duck has been serving the Bolton area for a long time, and we intend to continue doing so. We won’t charge you for permits acquired for the project. Call us now for the best renovations.

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