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There is no value in having an unfinished basement. The best you can do with it is store away the things you rarely use. One of the best investments you can make is investing in a basement renovation in Uxbridge This simple project has the potential to improve the value of your home significantly. According to a report by Remodeling Magazine, a mid-range basement refinish can bring a 70% ROI.

Who We Are?

Our team at Reno Duck has been offering basement renovation services for years. We have the experience and resources you need to transform your basement into anything from a bedroom to a playroom to a home-gym or even a legal rental property. The best thing is you don’t need to have a huge budget. We can evaluate your options and give you recommendations that work best for you.

Our Services

The one thing that sets us apart among other basement renovation companies in Uxbridge is our wide range of services. We have worked hard to ensure you get all the services you need under one roof. With us, you never have to juggle professionals from multiple firms to bring your dream to life. Whether what you need is to turn your basement into a home office or a rental unit to generate additional income, we can help.

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Basement Renovation

The best thing about an unfinished basement is that you can turn it into anything. Our team of highly trained and experienced contractors will provide you with the unique services you need to transform your basement into a piece of art. We know how to transform a dull and dark basement into a beautiful and lively living space for you and your family.

There are endless options in basement remodeling. If you are not sure what you need to do, we encourage you to reach out to us for help. Our team will take your budget and preferences into consideration when planning your project.

It doesn’t matter how complicated or straightforward you feel your project is, reach out to us and let us discuss how we can help. Our basement renovation in Uxbridge will boost the value of your home and create additional living space for you.

Legal Basement

Do you wish to transform your basement into a rental unit? Our team will help create a legal second suite for you. We understand the importance of a rental unit that generates income. Our team will ensure that we don’t just transform your basement into a beautiful room but one that meets the local building codes and regulations. We further source all materials from reputable suppliers and guarantee our work.

Basement Walkout

The best way to add functionality to a basement is by adding a basement walkout. This helps optimize your basement space. It is particularly important when you wish to rent out your basement. With a walkout, the basement can become a separate apartment.

All in all, a lot of work goes into the creation of a basement walkout with underpinning and excavation often being needed. Our team at Reno Duck has worked on numerous projects that involve the creation of basement walkouts and will ensure everything meets the local building codes and regulations and never compromises the integrity of your home.

Why Choose Us for Your Basement Renovation

Our promise to our clients when it comes to basement renovation in Uxbridge is we will always get the project done within your budget, and on time while offering transparent billing. We also use high-quality materials to guarantee high-quality performance in every project, offer custom builds and unbeatable prices that match your vision, and take care of everything so that you only worry about furniture.

We are the best team you can turn to for all your basement renovation needs. We are licensed, insured, and certified.

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