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An unfinished basement serves no real purpose but collecting dust and cobwebs. Even though you may have been using it to store away things you rarely use, a basement renovation in Keswick will boost your house’s value significantly. According to Remodeling Magazine, which offers return data on popular home improvement projects, a mid-range basement refinish can offer up to 70% ROI.

Who We Are?

Our team at Reno Duck can transform your abandoned basement into anything from an additional bedroom or home-gym to a legal rental property. The best thing is your budget doesn’t have to be huge. We can help you evaluate your options and create something you will truly love.

Our Basement Renovation Services

One of the key reasons we come highly recommended in basement renovation in Keswick is because of how thorough our services are. When working with us, you never have to juggle professionals from multiple firms to bring your dream to life. Our mission at Reno Duck is to meet all your renovation needs under one roof. Whether you want to transform your basement into a home office or a rental unit to generate additional income, you can always count on our experienced and highly trained team to deliver outstanding services.

Basement Renovation & Basement Refinishing

Basement RenovationBasement Refinishing

Basement Renovation

An unfinished basement can be transformed into anything you want. Our contractors at Reno Duck Renovations will provide you with the services you need together with valuable upgrades. We have the experience and resources you need to transform your basement from a damp, dusty, and dark room into a beautiful, welcoming area where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

Your options in basement remodeling are endless. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your vision. Our contractors will plan the renovation project to match both your budget and needs. You will also benefit from our flexible rates, terms as well as financing options. Regardless of how complicated or simple your remodeling plan is, you can count on our expertise to finish your basement in style, cost-effectively, and in a manner that boosts the value of your home.

Make Use of Space With Basement Renovation in Keswick

Make Use of Space With Basement Renovation in KeswickRenoDuck can give your basement the wow factor it deserves with minimal effort on your end. We take charge of the renovation so you can keep enjoying a stress-free life. Some ideas you can consider are:

  • Playroom

    A basement game room renovation can give you a multifunctional room, especially if you like hosting friends and family or have kids. It can be an ideal area for game nights or the perfect place to have the kids make noise without interfering with the main floor of the house. You only need perfect fixtures and setup, which we can help you get.

  • Personalized Gym

    Instead of going through the hassle of searching for a gym that suits your needs in your neighbourhood, build one in your house. A basement gym can help you save a lot of money by taking away the need for subscriptions and memberships. Moreover, you get to exercise anytime you feel like it, even late into the night.

  • Additional Bathroom

    If you have been concerned about the number of bathrooms in your house, your basement has enough space to install an additional one. Our specialists will ensure the correct protective measures are taken to prevent moisture damage and keep your bathroom in top shape. We will handle the construction without involving another company, thereby guaranteeing perfection.

  • Man Cave

    A man cave is a multifunctional space that can be great for hanging out with your friends, hiding away to enjoy some quiet time as you engage in your hobbies, or watching sports matches. The possibilities of what you can do with such a space are endless, and we can make it a reality.

  • Home Office

    A basement office renovation will make it easier for you to separate your professional responsibilities from your family obligations. We can personalize it to suit your exact needs or type of business. We can make it as cozy as you want without reducing its practicality. Whatever layout design you prefer, we will bring it to life.

  • Basement Kitchen

    A basement kitchen renovation is one of the safest and most rewarding investment choices you can make. For instance, it increases the convenience of using the basement and boosts the property value. But to get it right, you have to consider the current layout, which is where we come in.

  • Basement Theatre

    When you have a basement home theatre, accessing good entertainment options no longer becomes a hassle. We have all the correct equipment and dedication to give you a state-of-the-art home theatre that will serve you and your family for generations. We will make it as safe, fun, functional, and efficient as you want.

  • Basement Sauna

    If you need a basement refinishing idea that will add value to the property and your quality of life, a basement sauna renovation is perfect. We can personalize a suitable one for your basement space after selecting the type of sauna you prefer. Then, you can rely on our systematic approach to give you a sauna that does not damage your basement with heat or moisture.

Basement Refinishing Keswick

At Reno Duck, we take pride in what we do, and that is why we give you the best basement refinishing services. We will prove to you that your basement can have more worth than just a place where you keep things you no longer need. Our services will transform your basement into a beautiful space that you will enjoy with your loved ones.

Basement Apartment & Basement Walkout

Basement ApartmentBasement Walkout

Legal Basement or Business Apartment

More and more people are renovating their basements to create a legal second suite. If this is your plan, we got you covered. A rental unit is a great source of income for low- and medium-income families, young adults, and even seniors. You can use the rental income to repay your mortgage, finance vacations, and do so much more.

At Reno Duck, we understand that the second suit has to meet the strict building codes and regulations in Keswick. We also get our materials from reputable suppliers and always guarantee our work.

Basement Walkout

One way of optimizing your space is by adding a basement walkout. A basement walkout increases the functionality of a basement significantly. This is more so if you wish to rent out the basement. A walkout helps you rent out the basement as a separate apartment.

A lot of work is involved when adding a basement walkout. Excavation and underpinning may be required to protect the foundation. Our team has handled numerous projects and will ensure everything is not only done according to the local building codes and regulations but also to perfection.

What We Can Do?

Our company will save you time, money, and energy by getting the job right the first time. We cover all the bases with the renovation to ensure you get consistent quality services and products. You can count on us for:

Electrical work and plumbing

Plumbing and electrical features installations are an essential part of every basement refinishing project. Your basement won’t function properly unless you have all your electric devices in place and water is flowing freely where necessary. Our licensed and experienced team will take care of every aspect of these to allow you to enjoy using your basement.

Painting and finishes

Before completing the job, we will make sure the insulation is working correctly and water-repellent attributes are in place. You can also choose any colour you want from our expansive pallet, and we will make sure it looks great in your basement. If you’re unsure about the right paint colour, our designers can come to your aid.

Drywall and flooring installations

We will give you cost-effective but long-lasting solutions for your drywall and floors. From the material selection to the installation, we make sure we use our best skills and expertise. We consider all the important factors that could affect your walls and floors as well. We can ensure your walls aren’t susceptible to destruction by moisture and other elements.


Choose any accessories you like, and we’ll put them in place for you. We can work with a wide range of accessories to give your basement your personal touch.

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