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An unfinished basement serves no real purpose but collecting dust and cobwebs. Even though you may have been using it to store away things you rarely use, a basement renovation in Keswick will boost your house’s value significantly. According to Remodeling Magazine, which offers return data on popular home improvement projects, a mid-range basement refinish can offer up to 70% ROI.

Who We Are?

Our team at Reno Duck can transform your abandoned basement into anything from an additional bedroom or home-gym to a legal rental property. The best thing is your budget doesn’t have to be huge. We can help you evaluate your options and create something you will truly love.

Our Basement Renovation Services

One of the key reasons we come highly recommended in basement renovation in Keswick is because of how thorough our services are. When working with us, you never have to juggle professionals from multiple firms to bring your dream to life. Our mission at Reno Duck is to meet all your renovation needs under one roof. Whether you want to transform your basement into a home office or a rental unit to generate additional income, you can always count on our experienced and highly trained team to deliver outstanding services.

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Basement Renovation

An unfinished basement can be transformed into anything you want. Our contractors at Reno Duck Renovations will provide you with the services you need together with valuable upgrades. We have the experience and resources you need to transform your basement from a damp, dusty, and dark room into a beautiful, welcoming area where you can spend quality time with family and friends.

Your options in basement remodeling are endless. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your vision. Our contractors will plan the renovation project to match both your budget and needs. You will also benefit from our flexible rates, terms as well as financing options. Regardless of how complicated or simple your remodeling plan is, you can count on our expertise to finish your basement in style, cost-effectively, and in a manner that boosts the value of your home.

Legal Basement

More and more people are renovating their basements to create a legal second suite. If this is your plan, we got you covered. A rental unit is a great source of income for low- and medium-income families, young adults, and even seniors. You can use the rental income to repay your mortgage, finance vacations, and do so much more.

At Reno Duck, we understand that the second suit has to meet the strict building codes and regulations in Keswick. We also get our materials from reputable suppliers and always guarantee our work.

Basement Walkout

One way of optimizing your space is by adding a basement walkout. A basement walkout increases the functionality of a basement significantly. This is more so if you wish to rent out the basement. A walkout helps you rent out the basement as a separate apartment.

A lot of work is involved when adding a basement walkout. Excavation and underpinning may be required to protect the foundation. Our team has handled numerous projects and will ensure everything is not only done according to the local building codes and regulations but also to perfection.

Why Choose Us for Your Basement Renovation

When you hire us for a basement renovation project in Keswick, we will always ensure that we are on-budget, get the project done on time, and are transparent in our billing. In addition to that, we always:

  • High-quality materials:

    Use high-quality materials to guarantee high-quality performance on every project

  • Custom builds:

    Offer custom builds to match your dream

  • Unbeatable pricing:

    Offer unbeatable pricing on basement renovation

  • Care of everything:

    Take care of everything so you only worry about furniture

  • Experienced team:

    Work with an experienced team that is licensed, insured, and certified

Turn Your Basement into a Rental Unit

When it comes to transforming a basement into a rental unit, we always ensure that everything complies with the local building codes and regulations. You never have to worry about harassments from the authorities.

Add Walkout Entrance to Your Basement

You don’t want tenants to use the same entrance as you, do you? Our team will help add a walkout entrance so that your basement is a separate apartment.

Turn Your Basement into a Playroom

We can help you transform your basement into a playroom where you can let your friends come over for game nights. You can add a pool table, play arcade games, video games, and so on. Alternatively, your basement can be a playroom where kids can run wild.

Set Up Your Own Gym in Your Basement

Our team can transform your basement into a personalized gym with all the necessary equipment. You don’t have to keep paying expensive gym memberships.

Turn Your Basement into a Spa/Sauna Complex

Are you a masseuse? Why not setup a spa/sauna complex in your basement? We can help.

There is no project that is too big or too small for us. We have the experience and resources to transform your basement into anything you want. We are also licensed, insured, and certified to handle any basement renovation in Keswick. Contact us today to find out more.

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