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RenoDuck Renovations is a reputable company providing high-quality basement renovation services in King City and the entire GTA area. We aim at excelling in design, offer quality workmanship, and use our professional experience to help our customers get the basements they have been craving for. Our company provides complete basement finishing options to suit your needs. If you ever need an expert to give your basement a new face, RenoDuck Renovations is your ultimate choice.

How to Use the Extra Space

How to Use the Extra Space
Basements that are renovated or finished by professionals can be used for multiple reasons. You get endless possibilities when you hire Reno Duck to handle your basement project. Some ideas you can try include:

  • A Sanctuary:

    If you have always wished to have a mancave, then your basement space can be the answer. Being on a separate section of the house makes this space perfect as a sanctuary. You can install any gaming fixtures you like and go the extra mile to have other amenities like a mini kitchen or bedroom down there.

  • Entertainment Center:

    Your basement can also be where you entertain your guests or even have family game nights. You can turn it into a movie theatre or install some gaming structures like a pool or ping pong table there for entertainment purposes.

  • Party Area:

    If you like having friends and family come over and you haven’t had a good place to host them, your basement can come in handy. You can install a mini bar for relaxing as you enjoy a drink and create an ideal spacious area where your loved ones can enjoy sitting.

  • Office:

    The seclusion of the basement makes it a nice quiet place to have an office. If you work from home most of the time, this can be the perfect place to concentrate on your work. You can make it better by having a basement walkout that your clients or business partners can use to access the office.

  • An Apartment:

    If you need an extra income source, the basement can be the perfect solution. Turn it into a usable apartment that you rent out long-term or short-term. Just make sure you comply with all the regulations and building codes in your area before creating the legal apartment.

  • Personalized Gym:

    A personalized gym in the comfort of your home offers a high level of privacy that you cannot find in public gyms. A basement gym also gives you the freedom to work out whenever you feel like it. You can synchronize your career with your workout sessions easily to save a lot of time and money.

  • Additional Bathroom:

    Whether you have a family or not, a new bathroom in your basement is an excellent way of increasing privacy and comfort. We have several bathroom designs you can consider according to the available basement space and the number of people expected to use it. We also install protective measures like waterproofing.

  • Basement Kitchen:

    If you like hosting or have a large family, a basement kitchen renovation is one of the best ideas to try. It allows you to host your guests or loved ones without worrying about the main floor of the house becoming a mess. We will add some fun components to make it cozier.

  • Basement Sauna:

    Your leisure time can change drastically with the installation of a sauna in your basement. However, the basement sauna renovation can also cause a lot of problems if not done with caution. We are here to ensure you enjoy the perks without worrying about potential issues by getting it done right the first time.

  • FAQ about Basement Finishing & Renovation

    What does it cost to renovate a basement in King City?

    The renovation costs vary with every contractor and every project. Some projects require minimal work, while others may need a completely different design. You will get an exact quotation from the contractor you choose to hire. When you hire us, we will keep the project within the agreed-upon budget.

    What is the average cost in King City?

    It’s hard to calculate the average cost because every project is different. We can give you a rough estimate when you contact us before we calculate a more detailed cost after assessing your basement.

    Are some flooring options better than others?

    You can always choose the flooring material you can afford so long as it will give you the value you deserve. Our experts will advise accordingly to ensure the material you choose matches the main purpose of the floor. For example, we will make sure you don’t use engineered wood for areas with a lot of water, like bathrooms and the kitchen.

    Do I provide the materials?

    You can provide the materials or let us handle the selection and the delivery. We will make sure we get you quality materials that won’t fail you.

    How long will I have to wait for the renovation to be complete?

    We take between 4 to 6 weeks in most cases, but that can change depending on the work that needs to be done. We will give you a comprehensive schedule during the planning phase.

    Is a permit necessary?

    If you want basement renovations that touch on structural or foundation changes, modifications of plumbing systems, excavation, underpinning, insulation, and suite addition, a permit will be mandatory.

    Why should I consider renovating my basement?

    A finished basement adds great value to every home. You will have additional square footage and will be able to sell at a higher price if you want to.

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