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Who we are

RenoDuck Renovations is a reputable company providing high-quality basement renovation services in King City and the entire GTA area. We aim at excelling in design, offer quality workmanship, and use our professional experience to help our customers get the basements they have been craving for. Our company provides complete basement finishing options to suit your needs. If you ever need an expert to give your basement a new face, RenoDuck Renovations is your ultimate choice.

Our services

With the cost of living rising each year, homeowners in King City are always looking for ways to get the most value from their investments. Smart property owners know that they can boost the value of their properties through kitchen and bathroom remodeling. However, have you thought about basement underpinning, waterproofing, and other projects intended to transform this unutilized space? Don’t you think they can potentially boost the value of your home?

At RenoDuck Renovations, we strongly believe in turning a dark, damp basement into an extra bedroom, recreational room, or any other use. A functional basement increases the overall value of a property. Recouping the money spent on refurbishing the basement is easy, especially if you turn it into a rental unit. At RenoDuck Renovations, we have building experts and all the resources you need to turn that crawl space into a functional unit. Every property owner wants affordable services. We offer excellent services at pocket-friendly prices. Additionally, our experts guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on our workmanship. Here are the top services we provide.

Basement Renovations

RenoDuck Renovations is offering you a chance to turn your dark basement into a living space that your loved ones will admire. Our experts can help breathe light, fresh air, and life into a dire-looking crawl space. A perfectly planned renovation can see your property’s value soar higher and create an extra space you will always love to retreat into every day.

There are many basement-finishing ideas, and that makes it easier to design and create your dream basement. Our experts can help create a stunning space where you can entertain your colleagues and guests, read an interesting book near the fireplace, enjoy a glass of wine with your spouse, or accommodate your guests in a murphy bed in case they choose to stay over.

Do you work from home? If so, you certainly need a quiet, perfectly organized space that you can use as your office. We can finish your basement exactly to meet your specific needs. Actually, your basement office can have a media room, a boardroom, or even a well-set studio for flawless video presentations.

No matter the scope of the renovation plan, our professional contractors can handle it. We can install a new floor, underpin the basement, and more. Depending on what you have in mind, our experts will work around the clock to create a space that meets your needs. Of course, the renovations will cost money. Nevertheless, in the end, the benefits of ensuring that your basement is functional outweigh the costs.

Legal basement or basement apartment

A legal basement refers to an apartment located in the basement of a property. It consists of an independent set room that can be used separately from the main house. A legal second suite must-have kitchen and bathroom facilities and shared or separate access, also known as basement walkway.

The latest real estate trends reveal that an increasing number of property owners are transforming their basements into legal second suites. Owning such a unit comes with many advantages as it’s a potential source of extra income. This additional revenue can be used to pay college fees for the kids, repay a mortgage, pay utility bills, and more.

Note that your basement apartment must adhere to specific construction codes and regulations. Right from the planning phase and choice of materials to the renovations process and finishing, there are specific regulations that must be met. RenoDuck Renovations has what it takes to create a stunning legal second suite out of a stuffy, damp basement.

Basement walkout

If you intend to install a basement walkout in your property, RenoDuck Renovations is ready to make your plan a reality. Basement walkouts are an excellent option for optimizing the available space, brightening up your basement, and enhancing the overall value of a home. This is a complex task, and it would be best to get it handled by an expert.

RenoDuck Renovations has been offering basement renovation services for many years. Through education and professional experience, we have perfected our basement walkout excavation and construction techniques.

How to use the extra space

A well-finished basement offers numerous opportunities for creating your desired additions to your living space. Here are some of the common options.

  • A home theatre: Have you ever realized that a basement is an ideal space for a home theatre? Noise will no longer be a problem and no disruptions.
    At-home office: A well-lit and ventilated finished basement can serve as a home office. Such a space is usually quiet and comfortable. You can equip it to create a good office.
  • Home gym: Having an equipped fitness facility at home means you don’t need a gym membership. You don’t have to commute to a far-away fitness facility.

Reliable Basement Renovation in King City

Why choose us?

RenoDuck Renovations has a reliable team of basement renovations experts. With us, you don’t need to worry about quality as our contractors use excellent materials to ensure excellent and durable results.

One of the benefits of hiring an experienced basement renovation and finishing expert is that you get a chance to avoid common mistakes that could compromise the quality of your finished basement. Our experts will help you handle all necessary renovation needs, such as the installation of decorative lighting fixtures, central air conditioning, electrical wiring, and more.

Our experts know the latest trends in home décor, furnishing, and basement designs. Therefore, you can rely on their expertise to ensure your basement is perfectly finished.

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