Bring Your Dreams to Life with Our Services in Basement Renovation in Nobleton

The hills and forests that surround Nobleton make it a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. The blend of village and town lifestyle also makes living here more interesting. You can enjoy everything this community has to offer and still get more value for your property by making your basement more attractive.

We are one of the best basement renovation contractors you can rely on to make your dreams come true. Other than experience, Reno Duck also believes in quality, uniqueness, and affordability. Our employees possess the knowledge required for all projects regardless of the scope, and we believe in handling everything from beginning to end. We never leave any job incomplete, and we offer post-renovation assistance as well.

Transforming Your Basement

We can help you if you want to make your basement more accommodating. One of the reasons why working with us is a good idea is that we believe in the process as much as the final product. Any renovation project that isn’t planned properly will not be great even if the design is perfect. We use our skills to ensure every stage of the renovation is done skillfully and exceptionally. With us, you will get an elaborate basement that is completed on time and within your budget.

Our construction skills include the installation of new flooring, repair of leaks, and addition of new utilities. We’ll turn your unused basement into anything you want it to be such as:


  • Bathrooms

  • Wine cellar

  • Gym

  • Sauna and spa

  • Mancave

  • Kids playroom

The possibilities are endless when you work with us. Our creativity is expansive and will ensure you get the kind of utility you desire. If your goal is to make money from your basement, we’ll convert it into a rental apartment that complies with the legal regulations in Ontario. If you want a recreational room, we’ll make the basement a playroom with pool tables or with kid’s toys.

We can also cater to your needs if you want more storage space. Our company also does repairs that improve the structural integrity of a property. If your stairs are chipped or broken, we will make it as good as new. Our precision and special skills will ensure we lay out the stairs perfectly. We can also work on your ceiling if you’re concerned about its height. We conduct underpinning carefully because we know it can affect the foundation of your entire house.

Even if we transform your basement, it will still be incomplete without a walkout, especially if the house is in a sloppy area. A walkout doesn’t just give the basement a separate access route, it also adds natural light to the room. Our contractors will add new windows that will bring in more light and will make the basement more energy-efficient.

Advantages of our Services

As a homeowner, it’s common to desire change after some time. The more you live in your house, the more you get used to the layout. Our basement renovation services will give your home a fresh look that will make it more appealing. Our services will also increase the value of your home, increase the energy-efficiency of the house, or give you more negotiation power if you decide to sell.

We understand that Nobleton has many construction companies, which is why we strive to be different. We achieve this by:

  • Helping you get the necessary permits for the construction

  • Conducting thorough inspections and assessment on the property before starting the renovation

  • Understanding your exact needs and prioritizing them

  • Providing comprehensive and accurate quotes without any hidden charges

Reno Duck promotes eco-friendliness by using environmentally friendly materials. All the items used in our documentation and transactions are eco-friendly. We also stand by our services and will issue a warranty to cover our labor provision.

When you hire us, we’ll give you a project manager that will be your point of contact with the company. The manager will handle all your concerns and questions to ensure you’re satisfied with the services.

Working with us means working with licensed and insured professionals. Both the company and our employees have insurance cover to ensure you remain protected in case an injury occurs on your property. We also clean after ourselves and will leave your basement spotless. Not worrying about waste disposal after the renovation maximizes the value we give you.

The best way to ensure we complete the job as per your expectations is to involve you in every step. We’ll give you daily updates and give you a chance to make suggestions and changes you may want.

Reno Duck is a construction company that gives post-renovation support, acquires all the permits on your behalf, uses top quality materials, and issues detailed estimates. We will make sure you experience all these benefits and more. No renovation project is too big or too small for us. Feel free to call us today.

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