Basement Renovation in GTA

Basement Renovation in GTA

Ultimate Guide to Basement Renovation in GTA

Basements are flexible; hence can be used for lots of reasons. For gym lovers, you can give your basement the finish you desire most, consequently transforming it into your dream gym space.

Basements can be transformed into safe zones during severe weather conditions like storms. On such days, basements are considered havens. They also make the perfect food storage points such that as you take cover, you have enough to eat.

You can hold small gatherings down there. All these awesome activities require some finishing and renovation for your basement.

What must you consider before hiring a contractor to renovate your basement?

It is essential to have everything planned out prior. Planning involves searching for the best finish and remodeling service providers in GTA.  While searching, ensure to put into consideration the following factors.


How is your budget? Is it too high or too low? The only way to find out is by checking out various websites of any remodeling service providers in GTA. That way, you will be in a better position to draft a reasonable budget.


Remember, you have dreamt of transforming your basement for the longest time. Now is not the time to pick any contractor you come across. We suggest you find out what their former clients have to say about them. You can find this information on their website’s review section and the comments, likes, and retweets on their social media platforms.


You don’t want this project to drag. Please make a point of asking the company you settle for the period they are likely to take in things like throwing out drywall, flooring, lumber, and any other material. 

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How much will it cost to finish your basement in GTA?

 The total amount you are likely to spend depends on the finishing you want. The finishing you are going for is also dependent on the intentions you have for the basement. However, you are likely to spend $25 to $50 per square foot.  Averagely speaking, the total amount you might spend is $30,000 from start to finish.

How long will it take to finish the basement in GTA?

 It depends on the size of the project.  The contractors you bring on board may take about four to eight weeks. However, if the project is too big, it is best to take all the time it requires; that way, you’ll avoid ending up with half-baked results.

Here is a clear basement finish guide for you

Supervising the contractors from the point of knowledge is vital. If this is not the case, you are likely to miss out on any irregularities due to incompetence and the outcome of the project will not be pleasing.

With the steps below, you’ll have a clue about what to expect.


The basement requires preparation: This is important because it paves the way for bringing in different ideas to transform the space while taking all the necessary precautions into account.

For you to renovate your basement in GTA, you need to get a permit from your local authority. Having a permit is vital than most people care to admit. Without the permit, you could still carry on with the project, but you’ll have a hard time without some of these papers when it comes to reselling the property.

Also, you need to know the equipment you require for finishing. You could get those or have your hardware organize the delivery of what you need to your house. Alternatively, you could leave everything to the contractors.

Identifying the damp areas

Once all the permits and requirements are in place. The attention shifts to the basement entirely. The condition of the walls, ceiling, and floors needs thorough checking to identify the damp areas. Once identified, the contractor uses a dehumidifier to reduce and maintain humidity levels in the space. You can also have them waterproof the entire basement.

Gathering the required materials

Here, the contractor will require your input on the design you are going for.  The main questions you’ll receive include whether you want a drop ceiling or an exposed one?   Do you want drywall or plaster?  All the above questions are vital, and you need to discuss them with the contractor prior.

You have to keep in mind the type of insulation, wall materials, ceiling flooring, utility location, the color of paint, and the trim styles you want.

Tools required

The contractor will show up with tools like a circular saw, hammer, ladder, insulation adhesive, nail gun, dust mask, level, tape measure, goggles, utility knife, masonry drill, and a durable working apron.

How to Finish a Basement wall

How to Finish a Basement wall

With all the requirements in place, your contractor is free to work in the basement. Let’s start with the walls.


The first thing to do is measuring the wall from the ceiling to the floor. After measuring, the contractor should subtract a quarter inch from the total height found. The next thing is to cut the insulation with the utility knife. After cutting, the next step involves placing the cut insulation against the wall to ensure it’s the right size.

If it fits, apply insulation adhesive to the insulation’s back and press it on the wall for the recommended amount of time. Ensure to repeat the process till the entire wall is covered. It is also vital to ensure that all the spaces between the insulation boards, ceiling floors, and all corners are properly filled.

Framing the walls

After insulating, the next most crucial step is framing the walls. For proper framing, the contractor has to mark the places that require framing. He has to draw a line on the floor and the line has to be four inches from the walls.

The contractor should measure the walls to the required length. The plates are also measured to the desired inches, and then they are laid to align with the first lines.  After aligning the top and bottom plates, the studs are then installed.

Installing utility

After framing successfully, utilities are installed. This stage involves installing any plumbing, electric, and air ducts required before mounting the drywall.

Mounting the drywall

The dry walls are to be hung horizontally or vertically based on what works best for you. The good thing about the horizontal way is that It leaves fewer seems to fill, unlike the vertical option.

The next thing will be marking and cutting the drywall to a point where they end on the stud. With drywall stud screws, secure the wall. Fill in the seams and ensure that the screws have been covered using drywall mud.


Painting marks the end of the wall finishing. Here sandpaper must be used on the areas where the drywall mud was applied.

How to finish the basement ceiling

 There are several types of finishes to choose from. You could opt for a drywalled ceiling, open ceiling, or drop-ceiling installation.

Drop Ceiling

This ceiling is named like that because it is the second one from the structural ceiling. The drop ceiling is installed to make it easy to access utilities above them. The ceiling is made of frames and tiles that interlock.

Drywalled ceiling

This ceiling is the most preferred in Toronto. They are installed the same way drywalls are installed. Marking holes in the drywall is the first thing to do. After which, the adhesive is applied to the points where the drywall sheets are to be hang. It is vital to press the drywall to the adhesive. Nailing the drywall to the joist will ensure it does not fall off. The final step involves painting the ceiling.

Open ceiling

 This is the simplest one of all the three types. Most people in Toronto go for this option because it is not only time saving but also pocket-friendly. You only leave the ceiling open.  The wood beams and pipes are not so appealing; hence can be masked with dark-colored paint.

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How to finish a basement floor

After finishing your walls and ceiling the contractor gets to the floor.  Here, you get to pick the floor depending on the intentions you have for your basement renovation. If you are having a hard time picking the best floor, your contractor will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Subfloor installation

 Unless your floors were previously finished, you need to install some subfloors.  Here is how subfloors are installed.

 The goal for the subfloors is to create a flat surface. For this reason, dips that are deeper than 3/16 inches are filled with a self-leveling compound.

The compound is allowed to dry. However, the contractor has to check the dips to ensure they are properly leveled. An adhesive is used to secure the polystyrene insulation to the cement. After that, plywood sheets are laid on top of the insulation and are secured with a masonry drill as well as concrete screws.

Floor installation

After dealing with the subfloor, the contractor will install the flooring you choose.

In conclusion

Your basement is good to go for the purpose you intend to utilize it. The most important thing to ensure is finding a qualified contractor in GTA. The last thing you need is a quack working on your floor. They might cause you to spend more rectifying their mistakes or even doing the entire finishing a second time.