Basement Renovation Cost

Basement Renovation Cost
Renovating a basement brings a lot of benefits to every home. Some of them include having an extra guest room, a personal gym, or a customized entertainment centre. However, renovation projects are usually big and require a lot of preparation and finances. It is normal to worry about the costs before venturing into the project.The best way of controlling the basement renovation cost is by creating a budget and sticking to it. It improves communication and your agreement with the contractor about the quality of work that should be done.It is possible to get quality renovations even on a budget. Renovation contractors can provide several ideas within the budget to ensure the work still produces the desired results.For most people taking on renovation projects, the common mistake is setting a meagre budget or failing to set one. Not having expectations when contacting renovation contractors is another mistake that leads to over expenditure. The best approach is to have an idea about the kind of changes necessary and a rough estimate of what they will cost. It is the only way to narrow down options and choose an approach that costs less without compromising the quality of the work and finishing touches.

How Choosing the Right Contractor Affects Basement Renovation Cost

Cheap Price Contractors

Cheap Price Contractors

Cheap contractors often give quotations 5% to 25% cheaper, but the kind of labour and materials you get will be very different. Most of the contractors offering such prices are not certified or insured. They also tend to lack experience and will not give references when asked. Additionally, they do not provide labour warranties, which may end up costing you more money to fix their errors.

Market Price Contractors

Market Price Contractors

Other contractors offer services at the market price value. All their employees are insured, licensed, and bonded. They also use their experience in the industry to select the right materials and provide the proper labour. The results of their work are visible, and they do not shy away from providing references from previous clients or BBB and HomeStars. They offer a smooth experience with the timely completion of the project. An example is Reno Duck.

Expensive Price Contractors

Expensive Price Contractors

Expensive contractors charge between 15%-50% more than the average market price. They market their services through big brand names without offering any significant value to the clients. They use the most expensive supplies and have many employees holding redundant roles to justify their high prices. When hired, they send multiple project managers to the site who have to be paid without adding any real value to the project.

Factors of Basement Renovation Cost

Typically, basement renovation costs are in the same range in all parts of the GTA. However, several factors that determine the exact amount may cause them to differ. For instance, what it costs to finish a basement in Ontario may differ from Mississauga, depending on the following factors.

Basement Size

Basement Size

The size of the basement and the design chosen will determine the amount of work and quality of materials used.

Material Quality

Material Quality

Superior materials will always cost more than standard or average ones, but they also last longer in good condition.



Contractors will charge installation costs depending on the duration it will take them to complete the work.

Condition Before Renovation

Condition Before Renovation

If it is in bad condition, it will be more labour intensive and expensive.

Types of Design

Types of Design

Simple remodels are easier to handle and manage, which keeps their costs down.

Expected Upgrades

Expected Upgrades

High-end or unique upgrades that require more attention to detail may be a bit more costly.

The magnitude of the project and the material selection are the main factors that determining the cost of a basement renovation in Toronto. The average cost of a basement renovation typically falls within the range of $40,000 to $100,000. This variation in cost is influenced by factors such as the size of the basement, the complexity of the project, the scope of work, and the materials chosen. For those aiming to create a legal basement suite, the average cost can extend to around $80,000 to $150,000, taking into account variables such as size, complexity, and material preferences. The other factors mentioned above are also important and should not be ignored. They may increase or reduce this average amount if chosen correctly. For instance, the cost of materials tends to go hand in hand with upgrades. The additional fixtures installed in the basement also play a major role in the overall amount. Considering each factor independently and collectively before working with a reputable contractor can help reduce the costs and keep the project within the set budget range.

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Bathroom renovation costs

Bathroom renovation costs are not typically the same as kitchen renovation costs. The scale of each project and the different attributes of every room results in a different price.In most cases, bathrooms are part of basement renovations and can influence the cost. Determining the type and size of the bathroom is the first step in controlling the budget. Decide if it will be a spacious full bath, a half bath, or a luxurious one. Other factors that also contribute to the total cost are plumbing, electrical fixtures, and the materials installed in the bathroom.

The average cost of bathroom installation is between $10,000 and $15,000. You can find out the exact cost when you contact Reno Duck, and we assess your exact needs. You can be sure we will try our best to keep the price as low as possible without ignoring any of your needs.

Process of Renovation Your Basement

Generally, the cost of materials used in basement renovations is the same, but the labour charges by various companies differ.
The following process can help you understand the basement renovation procedure.

Framing icon Framing

The first step in basement transformation projects is to build studs and wood frames to outline the area that requires renovation. The framing phase involves identifying and marking the areas where every element of the room, such as doors and windows, will go.

Most contractors and homeowners prefer to use wood for framing, but other materials like steel can be used to reinforce the structure. Hardware must also be available to secure everything in place and ensure every feature remains laid out perfectly.

Wall framing is usually measured in linear footage, with the cost varying between $15 to $30 per linear foot. That price range may differ with the materials and labour costs, but it should not exceed $30.

If framing is not completed correctly, the rest of the work may not go as smoothly, which is why only professionals should do it.

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Plumbing icon Plumbing

Water supply is an essential part of every basement renovation project. As such, plumbing fixtures must be installed properly to ensure they remain in perfect condition for a very long time. Before giving a cost estimate, the contractor will calculate the space and the number of materials that may be enough for an optimal fixture of the plumbing system. That is the only way to determine the precise cost of the work. They will also add the price of their labour and its duration to complete the work. If you choose to install many fixtures, the cost may be over $15,000. The lowest amount is $1,500.

Other factors that may affect the plumbing costs are the setup and location of the property. Work with a professional renovation company that will be able to clarify the expenses for you.

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Drywall Installation icon Drywall Installation

After framing and mapping out the plumbing fixtures, the next step will be to fill them up with drywall. The drywall panel must be the right size in terms of height and width, but it should also have an appropriate thickness. The typical sizes range from ¼ inches to 5/8 inches in thickness, while the standard height and width are 8 feet and 4 feet. The average cost is $1.50 per sq. ft. When the cost of materials and the installation services charges are added, it increases to between $40 – $60.

The price may be higher if the drywall chosen has additional features such as soundproofing and mould resistance. These have more value, which makes their high prices worth it in the end. When combined with perfect installation, you get long-lasting drywall that will be resilient to common moisture-related problems.

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Ceilings icon Ceilings

The cost to finish a basement in Ontario cannot be complete without adding a ceiling price. The type of ceiling will determine the overall look and feel of the basement and the amount you end up spending. Various types of ceilings are available, which makes it easier to find one that fits your budget. Some of them are:

Sheet panelling: These ceilings are more expensive, but they are still some of the most popular choices. Their cost ranges from $12 to $30 per panel.

Drop ceiling: These are some of the widely used ceilings because they are cheap, but they still look as great as the expensive ones. They cost between $2 to $6 per square foot.

Tongue and groove wood: These are also as visually attractive as the others, but they are the cheapest. The cost is usually between $1 to $3.

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Flooring icon Flooring

Contrary to popular belief, flooring options for the basement are usually limited. Some of the factors to consider when making that choice include the number of people using the basement and whether there will be a lot of exposure to moisture. The most cost-efficient option is usually vinyl, which can cost as little as $1 and not more than $8.

Other flooring options like carpeting and ceramic tiles are also great alternatives. The former costs between $7 and $12 per square foot, while the cost of the latter ranges from $5 to $20. Another option is engineered wood, which costs at least $3 and at most $5 per sq. ft.

A renovation expert from Reno Duck will help you select an ideal flooring material based on what you intend to use the basement for and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

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Painting icon Painting

Painting is one of the best finishing options that can make a basement aesthetically pleasing. However, the paint should be carefully chosen to ensure that it is high quality and the colour shades blend perfectly. The price for painting may range between $3 and $7 per square foot, but it can also be higher, depending on how complicated the interior design is. For instance, basements with accent walls or patterned features may cost more than plain surfaces. The size of the basement also influences the cost of painting because it determines the surface to be covered.

Be ready to pay a higher basement renovation cost if you want unique, distinctive features for your basement. It is also important to note that sometimes paying more upfront is better than having low-quality paint that will have to be replaced soon after.

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Electrical icon Electrical

Electrical fixtures will give the basement the right ambience and contribute to the visual appeal of the room. At the same time, installing them can be dangerous and requires a high level of expertise, which is why they should always be handled by a professional. Various designs and styles of lighting fixtures are available for different decor options. Whatever you prefer, ranging from too bright lights to minimal lighting in different colours, you will get it. When working with a qualified electrician, the installation cost will range from $50 to $100 per hour. If you have a background in electrical fixture installation, you can do it yourself and make some savings.

At Reno Duck, we advise our clients to go with energy-saving options that keep energy consumption minimal when combined with the natural light from the windows. We can help you get the right lighting if you are not sure about where to start.

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Additional Cost Factors to Consider When You Renovate Your Basement

Cost Of Labour
Cost Of Labour

Cost Of Labour

Homeowners can manage their renovation projects, especially when they have the relevant experience and knowledge. In that case, you will need a service quote from reputable contractors who will provide the labour. This option may be the best way to reduce the cost to finish a basement in Ontario, but it requires a lot of time, dedication, and skill from the homeowner.

A renovation company hired to do the job will be responsible for it from the beginning to the end. The charges they require will be for every aspect of the job, and they should not leave before it is finished. As such, most of them will charge according to the amount of time they are likely to spend on the job site. They will also consider the level of effort it will take and the possible challenges they may have to overcome to ensure they deliver excellent results. The cost will also differ depending on whether you are buying the materials or they will deliver them. For instance, if the property owner is handling the purchase and delivery of supplies and the work is likely to take 3 weeks, the labour charges will be between $30 to $35.

While this may be a good option for homeowners, many contractors in Toronto do not like it. If the homeowner cannot schedule and control the project properly, there will be delays, and the renovators will lose money.

Working With Your Budget

A budget is crucial in every renovation project, including kitchen and bathroom renovations. Some companies may not prefer them, but at Reno Duck, we like the control that budgeting offers. It allows us to determine the amount of money available for the project, which, in turn, enables us to schedule the work accordingly. It also shows us the limits to work with and the best materials based on that price range. We strive to give the best quality finishes based on the client’s budget, and we try to deliver the best with the budget available. However, we ask our clients to be reasonable when setting a budget. Do not create one that is too low and expect high-end results. Reach out to us today for a free estimate and help with budgeting. Our experts will give you a different perspective to help you determine the right areas to cut costs on.

Working With Your Budget
Working With Your Budget

The Cost Summary of Basement Renovation

The Cost Summary of Basement Renovation
The features you want in a basement and the materials they will require also determines the basement renovation cost. For instance, having a bedroom in the basement will require an extra window which can also serve as an emergency exit. That is why homeowners are advised to think about all the features carefully before setting a budget. Each of them will increase or reduce the overall cost.

Another essential factor to consider is the extent of moisture in the basement. The basement location makes it susceptible to moisture issues, which can damage the rest of the house if not controlled. Therefore, water infiltration and humidity must be factored in the renovation to ensure they do not become a problem when the work is done. Otherwise, there will be many costly repairs and possible health risks like exposure to mould in the future.

Any reliable renovation contractor will give you a quote and help you understand the measures that can prevent excess moisture issues. With that, you can make an informed decision that will be suitable for your future goals.

Think About How to Save on Your Basement Renovation Cost

Think About How to Save on Your Basement Renovation Cost
Basement renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. Thinking about future needs and adding features that will cater to those needs is one of the best ways to make them cost-efficient. Some of the best options to consider are:

  • Creating a playroom for kids, whether they are already there or are expected in future
  • Adding a gym area or a studio with the necessary elements like soundproofing
  • Adding a different entryway if space will be used as a rental
  • Installing a gaming room or theatre, together with all the essential equipment for their functionalities and comfort

There are several other options that we will help you explore when you call us.

Value of Basement Renovation

Value of Basement Renovation
Basement renovation is generally the best way to add value to a domestic property, even more than kitchen and bathroom renovations. Changing the unusable space adds square footage to the house, which makes it very valuable, especially when it is time to sell. Most homebuyers prefer basements that are already finished and are always willing to pay more for them.

Remodelling the basement also adds value if you don’t intend to sell. For instance, by turning it into an entertainment area, you will spend more time there than in other entertainment centres, which may end up saving you a lot of money.

All things considered, the value that a finished basement provides exceeds the cost of renovations. It has also been proven that such renovations can result in up to 70% of returns on investment. However, you can only reap the benefits when you hire a company that will make sure every detail of the job is done to perfection.

The essential Guide For Renovating Your Basement

Think About How You’ll Use The Space.

The first thing to do when considering a basement renovation is planning. Start by determining the usage of the space depending on the kind of lifestyle the family is living. Think of the possible future adjustments as well and how they may fit in with the new features. Some of the questions that may help with planning are:

  • Does the family have young children? If so, the basement can become a playroom or recreational area.
  • Do most people enjoy watching movies and need a dedicated place for it? The basement can have soundproofing features to ensure silence in the rest of the house while the others are watching.
  • Do in-laws like to visit? It can be a luxurious bedroom suite to cater to the number of visitors that come regularly.
  • Are you a collector? A wine cellar, a bar, or an art storage area are some of the suitable options here.

All these questions can help you visualize the space before any work begins.

Complete professional architectural drawings

Complete Professional Architectural Drawings.

Basement renovations cannot go well without architectural drawings, but a reliable renovation company can help with that. Most of the good companies have designers and professional architects who can handle the graphics based on the needs and wants of the client.

The contractors also consider the status of the basement, measure the space, and consult a project manager before making further plans. The role of the project manager is to check what can be removed or destroyed, what can be salvaged, and the new installations that are necessary.

Even when handling the renovation as a DIY, professional drawings are still important. They will show the layout of the basement, which will give a good starting point. Most reputable renovation companies also have designs that can help with the selection of the layout and help save a lot of time. Consult with one of their specialists online.

Check For Moisture and Structural Issues.

Most basements experience a lot of issues related to excess moisture because of their position. Therefore, the renovation should not begin before ascertaining the structural integrity of the basement and moisture levels.

Common signs for these problems include cracks on the foundation or signs of previous leaks such as stains on the walls. At Reno Duck, we also check the cracks on the floor and inspect the joists for plumbing issues and other problems.

The condition of the basement usually shows the state of the other parts of the house. That is why inspectors start there when looking for problems in other sections of the house.

It has been discovered that one in every two basements has issues in Toronto, which can range from small cracks that are easy to fix to bigger ones that include waterproofing. Whatever the case, we will make sure it is properly restored before we proceed with the renovations.

Finalize Your Budget

Finalize Your Budget.

Basement renovation costs can quickly get out of hand if proper planning is not done. It requires an airtight budget, especially if the area that needs renovation is large. In most cases, renovation involves building everything from scratch, which only makes things worse if there was no planning done from the start.

Hiring our company means working with professionals that can handle various aspects of the job, including painting, electrical fixtures installation, flooring, and drywall installation. We also do insulations and ensure we comply with the building codes. If the basement is supposed to be a legal apartment, it will be more expensive because it will have a separate entrance, full bathroom, and kitchen.

Timeliness is another factor that can result in the costs increasing. If the schedule is not maintained, more time will be spent on some of the phases, and that will resulting in additional expenses. The best way to handle this is by having a detailed plan of what should be done, when it should happen, and the best approach to keep the budget and sill guarantee exceptional results.

Our team has all the expert tips that can help you keep everything as planned. We also know how to manage budgets and timelines from the numerous projects we have completed.

Secure the Right Permits.

Some renovations do not require permits, but others do. To avoid being stopped by the city, differentiate those that do from those that don’t. Usually, renovations that involve alteration of the internal structures like building a kitchen or adding plumbing fixtures cannot be done without the relevant permits and licenses. Building walls or doing any remodelling that does not involve adding washrooms will not need permits. Different cities in Toronto also have various rules when it comes to the window sizes in basements. Most of them want large windows that can be used as an emergency escape if the need arises. Check with the municipality to avoid problems in future.

Do not worry if you don’t know where to start with the permit acquisition and planning. We can help you figure out those that are needed and help you understand the processes to follow. We are here to help our clients with any aspect of the renovation, including licensing.

Select your finishes and furniture

Select Your Finishes and Furniture.

You may have a vision for the basement, but it does not materialize until you install finishes. The right furniture and finishing touches are the final features that will transform the basement as expected. Décor and furniture selection is usually the fun part of any renovation. It is better to choose those that will serve multiple functionalities, such as illuminating the room further to reduce the amount of energy that goes into lighting. For example, painting a bright colour on the walls will add warmth and make the rooms brighter. The colours can also be coordinated properly. For instance, mixing off-white colours with lighter greys can be the perfect blend.

Using LED pot lights is also better than installing other kinds of bulbs. They are also perfect for basements with low-hanging ceilings. They are available in various styles, which makes it easier to choose a befitting one for your taste.

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We start by listening to your expectations and needs before coming up with the right strategies and using our methods to ensure you get a stress-free experience. We also consider your schedule and ensure we do not cause inconveniences. We strategize to avoid delays and stick to the budget.

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