Basement Renovation Checklist

Renovating your basement can be very exciting. You may have looked around at your living space and imagined all the upgrades you would love to implement. Nevertheless, putting your remodeling ideas into action requires a lot of planning. You need to consider ways to achieve renovations that give you the best bang for your buck. To get organized, a basement renovation checklist is a good idea so you can check things off as you go along.

Here’s What to Consider When Renovating a Basement

renovated kitchen in basement

☑ Have Clear Goals and Priorities

The first step in a renovation project is to ask yourself the following:

  • Why am I renovating my basement?
  • What expectations do I have for the final product?
  • How can I make the best out of my new basement?

Those are all questions you should ask yourself before you embark on a renovation project. The answers will help you determine whether you need a building permit, what basement upgrades you want to have, and the type of contractor you hire. Furthermore, you should differentiate what you want from what you need. And having clear goals from the get-go can help you tremendously.

☑ Determine a Budget for Your Renovation Project

No basement renovation checklist is complete without this step: the budget. After you’ve covered the basics above, it’s time to figure out your renovation budget. And this is something you need to know before hiring a contractor. After you’ve daydreamed for weeks about your newly renovated basement, you need to consult a basement contractor to see whether your design fall well within your budget.

A good tip when determining your budget is to allow for about a 10% cushion over your budget. You never know what type of expenses might come up along the way. This is why it’s a good idea to have some leeway with the amount you can spare overall.

basement renovation bedroom

☑ Set a Realistic Timeline

If you would like your renovation project completed by a certain time for an occasion, remember that renovations take time to complete and delays often occur. When creating a renovation timeline, consider the following:

  • Obtaining a building permit can take anywhere from 10 to 14 business days.
  • Rainy weather might cause work hiccups.
  • A basement renovation with ideal circumstances from start to finish takes 2 to 6 weeks to complete.

Many homeowners have unrealistic expectations of when the renovation job will be complete. However, knowing how long each step takes keeps you organized and on track for the few weeks ahead.

☑ Hire a Good Contractor

Finding the right contractor for your home renovation is perhaps the most important part in a basement renovation checklist. You may have done your research and planned everything out well, but if you entrust your home renovation to the wrong contractor, you will be unhappy with the finished project, at best.

Don’t flip through ads looking for the one that offers the best promises. Ask homeowners who have renovated their basement and get referrals from as many people as you can. It’s recommended that you get quotes from 3 contractors. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, check out the contractor’s ratings on trustworthy customer review boards such as HomeStars.

bathroom basement renovation

Moreover, before you hire a contractor, check whether they have workplace safety coverage and liability insurance. WSIB coverage, for example, is a way for homeowners to know about a contractor’s eligibility to renovate their property.

☑ Make Alternate Arrangements

Once you have reviewed your contract and hired a renovation contractor, finalize any arrangements you need to before renovations begin.

  • If you won’t have access to certain areas in your home during the renovation, make preparations as convenient.
  • You most likely have to empty out the basement when renovating it. If there are belongings you wish to store during renovation, portable and off-site storage units are viable options.
There you have it; the ultimate basement renovation checklist. Will you be checking the boxes as you go? Let us know in the comments down below!